Monday, September 05, 2005

And this is what country?

It is such a sad mess down in New Orleans. I just watched a news clip of a woman with her dog on the freeway, crying how she wants to be evacuated but the rescuers would not allow her dog to go with her. Don't they realize that for many people their pets are their family? Just when I think the situation can't get any more sad or depressing, I see, read, or hear something more.
You know things are bad when FOX News anchors are having to pacify it's own field reporters from bashing the hurricane relief efforts!! Geraldo & Shepard Smith looked as if their heads we're going to explode from anger, continuosly asking, "Where is the help?" They seemed obviously upset with the goverment response ( or lack of!). How Ironic!!!!
And if I see Bush hugging another black person displaced by Hurricane Katrina again I'm gonna hurl! He dosen't give a shit about these people , and posing for photo op's will not keep me from seeing right through him! Kanye West was right.
Oh, and check THIS out!...FEMA is promoting Pat Robertson's "Operation Blessing" website!! Robertson founded Operation Blessing in 1978. A few years ago he suggested that " earthquakes, tornadoes, and possibly a meteor" would be God's punishment for Gay Pride events!!!!!!!!!!!!
So what, Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment for......(feel free to ad your thoughts here)
Michael Moore wrote an open letter to Bush which was spot on, stating..." I especially like how, the day after the hurricane, instead of flying to Louisiana, you flew to San Diego to party with your business peeps. Don't let people criticize you for this- after all, the hurricane was over and what the heck could you do, put your finger in the dyke?"!! Funny shit. Also he stated...."And don't listen to those who, in the coming days, will reveal how you specifically reduced the Army Corps of Engineers' budget for New Orleans this summer for the 3rd year in a row. You just tell them that even if you hadn't cut the money to fix the levees, there weren't going to be any Army engineers to fix them anyway because you had a much more important construction job for them--BUILDING DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ!!!"