Monday, September 12, 2005

Blackout in Los Angeles gets everyone all razzled!

Monday afternoons widespread blackout all across the majority of Los Angeles, including my home of the San Fernando Valley, had many people going into mini-panics thinking we were under some kind of terrorist attack!

I do admit it was strange and fishy at first. Girl's at my work were flippin' out and my apartment complex was all razzled by it. News helicopters filled the sky, sirens were heard all over, and the LAPD went on "full tactical alert". After the newest video from Al Qaeda (possible wanna-be) claiming Los Angeles is the next target, I guess I can understand. But sheesh people, if shit did go down in L.A. this was a pretty good indication, to me, of the panic it would create. People shit their pants when it rains here, so you can imagine! And this was just a blackout due to some incompetant DWP utility worker who hooked up the wrong wires! Der! I'd hate to be him right now!