Sunday, September 25, 2005

Debate Burns On..Marijuana Flavored Candy

Lawmakers are cracking down on the sale of marijuana flavored lollipops. The California-based company, Chronic Candy, advertises that every lick is "like taking a hit"! But the company says the candy contains only hemp oil. That is what's starting another debate...hemp advocates say the candy makers are not being honest about what's in their candy and that publicity is hurting the sale of "legal" hemp products.

Chicago's City Council and Suffolk County New York both have passed laws banning the sale of marijuana-flavored candies. Lawmakers in Michigan, New Jersey, and New York also have introduced legislation to ban or control the candy.

What are these nutjobs in the city council worried about? This kind of novelty candy is only sold in head shops that require you to show i.d proving you are at least 18 yrs old. And really, if the lollipops actually made you feel like you were taking a hit,I'd be walking around all day with one in my mouth ! I'm not alone on that one. Besides, aren't the lawmakers who are concerned with scrubbing the shit out of this country with holy water aware that marijuana is a God made plant? Now,I know they would never imply that God made a mistake!