Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Republican's Drowning?

The amount of corruption and incompetence in the Republican Party, particularly this administration, is downright overwhelming. It's bad enough that we easily have the most unintelligent leader in the world, who has trouble with the english language, and public speaking. George W. Bush has a heart the size of a pea, which has clearly been displayed during Hurricane Katrina, as well as countless other times. He has no concern for the global AIDS epidemic, and absolutely no concern for what's going on in other countries around the world. Bush has no understanding or care of women, minorities, or the poor. He places only Christian friends with large amounts of money in his administration, forgetting they have absolutely no experience in politics. He gives tax breaks to only the richest 1% of the population, while all the harworking, paycheck to paycheck folk sink lower and lower on his social and economic scale. He is truly a president with war and world domination on his mind. George W. Bush is a bully and fights with his machismo because he does not possess an intelligent mind.
During his administrations first term he layed rather low, except of course for his post 9/11/01 antics of "ridding the world of terrorists" by starting a war in a country that had nothing to do with the attacks on 9/11. But now the party has officially started. Fuck up after fuck up occurs. His re-election was the first joke. The Iraq war. No weapons of mass destruction found. Hurricane Katrina. Tax cuts to only the rich. Halliburton. Unemployment records. Growing deficits. Goverment benefits for low income families cut. The enviroment on back burner. Enviromental Protection Agency horribly run by his friends. Republicans using the USDA to pay off their contributors resulting in scary food safety policy. Against trial lawyers and lawsuits against big business. Oil ties in Saudi Arabia. Wins elections by accomodating Christian conservatives. Wants to take away a womens right to choose. Biblical foreign policy. Rigging the Supreme Court. The Patriot Act. Social Security. The list goes on and on...
Everyone is well aware that the political system is stacked in favor of those with money. Money buys votes. This is corruption. It stinks, it's rotting, and it's killing this country. If the people get pissed off enough, people power can beat money power. Politics is not something you can just ignore. It's everything in your life. Everything from what you are allowed to do with your own body, to your health, education, textbooks your kids in school study, to the qualifications of the people who prescribe your eyeglasses, to everything--you name it.
Fascism and Un-American are not words to just toss around. But there is something really fucked up and creepy about what is going on here. How many more examples will be needed? This administration is driving this country into a ditch. We have a couple of years to gear up for 2008. We have plenty of ammunition. Plenty of unhappy Americans willing to fight. 2008 we take this country back!