Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Salt in Our Wounds

We have made so much progress in the last 50 years against discrimination. Now it looks like Bush has rounded up his conservative, religious troops, and they've brought White-Out and erasers!

Oh America! What have you done? Minorities will have a hell of a time with thier civil rights. Women's bodies will now be owned by the Supreme Court. Gays will never have equal rights, and forget marriage.

Bush has nominated John Roberts to replace William Rehnquist as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Roberts has openly said that Rehnquist was his mentor. So knowing that, we can assume Roberts will be, at the very least, similar to Rehnquist. (Roberts' record does coincide with this statement)

Now let's look at the voting record of Rehnquist.---Voted against Roe V. Wade.---Opposed affirmative action and policies intended to help minorities rebound after years of segregation.---Against the seperation of church and state.---Voted against gay rights. What a Nazi!!!!

According to John Roberts' record, he's not too fond of people of color either. Memos that Roberts wrote as an aide in the Reagan administration arguing against the constitutionality of affirmative action, as well as arguing for a scaled-back version of the Voting Rights Act are expected to surface from the Democrats criticism of his civil rights record.

Roberts, while an appeals court judge, also urged a narrow interpretation of the Commerce Clause, which is one of the tools Congress has to pass federal laws on many issues affecting civil rights.

To me, this isn't about Conservative Vs. Liberal. It's much deeper than that. It's about equality within the human race. It's about women controlling what happens to OUR bodies. It's about halting ignorance and hate--not progressing it.

Life is suppossed to move forward, not backwards. I'm angry, yes, but mostly I'm sad & scared. I'm scared to know that there is a large possibility that within some years I may not have total domain over my own body. NO man in the Supreme Court or the White House would allow someone else to tell them what they can or cannot do to thier own bodies! So why should I?

It's time for a Revolution people. All women, all people of color, gays, lesbians, democrats, poor, non-christians,- plus many, many more, need to come together as one and bring this shit to an end. Together we outnumber them. Together we can win.