Saturday, September 10, 2005

What we have learned from Hurricane Katrina:

1.) The United States cannot evacuate a city.

2.) If you are any race other than white, invest in rafts, intertubes, floaties, and life jackets--Because NO ONE is coming for you!

3.) If a terrorist attack were to happen (again) while Bush is in office-- We are so screwed!

4.) Probably not a good idea to exhaust all of the country's military & money on unnecessary & unwanted wars---you know, just in case we need that money for, say, a hurricane?!

5.) Bush's I.Q. is rapidly declining. ( I think we're in the negatives)

6.) FEMA sucks!

7.) When white people loot, it's called "finding" things.

8.) Would've been cheaper to reinforce the levees. ( Bush decided to use that money for Iraq)

9.) " Bush dosen't care about black people".

10.) Just because we're one of the richest nations in the world, dosen't exactly mean we're the smartest.