Saturday, October 01, 2005

And The Award For The "Biggest Tool" Goes To....

Arnold Schwarzengger!!
Not only did this jerk just veto the gay marriage bill here in California, but manages to piss off Los Angeles firefighters, nurses, and teachers as well!
Although Schwarzenegger indicated earlier this month that he would veto the California gay marriage bill passed by the California Assembly, it still is a ridiculous crock of shit. Ahnold said that he would leave the issue of same-sex marriage to voters and the courts. He has no backbone to go against all his Republican friends that got him his job. What is he so threatened by? All I ever hear is how gay marriage threatens the "sanctity" of straight marriage. BULLSHIT! You breeder's fuck up marriage all on your own! Just look at the divorce rate!
And on to another reason that gives Schwarzenegger the "Biggest Tool" Award.......
As the Los Angeles fires raged, I was wondering if Schwarzenegger would make an appearance at the scene or at least comment on it. You see, here in California the firefighters (not to mention the teachers and nurses) are real pissed off at Arnold because he vetoed 4 bills which would have provided firefighters with extra funding, safety equipment, new helicopters, etc. Firefighters, nurses, and teachers have a sling of commercials on t.v. bashing Schwarzenegger. As I coughed and choked on smoke, and brushed the ash off my head, I walked inside to catch part of the press conference of Schwarzenegger standing at a podium with 2 fire trucks parked behind him and about 15 firefighters standing around him! I giggled and wondered how uncomfortable he felt, just then a reporter asked him why he vetoed the bills mentioned above! Arnold replied, " I don't think we should bring politics into this." He added that he's a great friend of firefighters because he played one once in a movie!
I wonder how much will-power it took for those firefighters to keep from turning their hose on him!!!