Saturday, October 08, 2005

Chiapas Floods

In Chiapas ,Mexico, a horrible flood has ravaged the area due to Hurricane Stan. People are being dragged away & killed by the raging currents of a river that overflowed & came through the city. If you are unaware of the previous problems the beautiful people of Chiapas have been going through for years, you should check out The Mexican goverment has been trying to deny the indigenous people of Chiapas their elementary rights, their land, their dignity, & freedom for years. The people of Chiapas have risen up in the form of the rebel group the Zapatistas. The influence of the rebels of Chiapas grew as they carried forward their efforts to take control of their lives & lands. Their leader Marcos has written that words, ideas, video cameras, and hope, are also weapons we can use for revolution.
My thoughts are with the Zapatistas of Chiapas tonight, these people have been living in poverty due to the Mexican goverment, & now have to endure this horrible flood. May you rise up out of this as you have always done in the past.
" As the Zapatistas force us to recognize, it is one world order from the forests of Chiapas to Cheney's 'new Europe'. After over 500 years of conquest, the indigenous people already know what the rest of us must learn about empires- that they exploit the many for the privileges of the few, that they ransack the cultures of antiquity, that they place a burden even on the mother countries. But in their actions & writings, the Zapatistas are inspiring a new generation to join the struggle for a better world." -Tom Hayden (activist,writer,former Ca.State Senator)