Saturday, October 08, 2005

Firefighters Ordered To Stand With Schwarzenegger During Press Conf.

Last week, California was enduring wildfires in and around the Los Angeles area. Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger (I still can't get used to saying that!) held a press conference to discuss the fires and praise the firefighters. I wrote a post about this recently (see below), and when the news announced this I knew I couldn't miss it. California firefighters are not happy with Arnold at all right now because he vetoed 4 bills which would have provided firefighters with extra funding, new helicopters, safety equipment, etc. There are numerous television commercials running here in L.A. that bash Schwarzenegger for this. So when I heard about this press conference, I knew there would be tension.
According to Pat McOsken, president of United Firefighters of Los Angeles, the firefighters standing behind Schwarzenegger and shaking his hand were acting under duress. Some of the firefighters approached him at the command center and expressed their unhappiness with being told to be a part of the press conference. The firefighters were told to ask their chiefs if it was an order. The answer = Yes. And you could see it on their faces. When confronted about the order, Schwarzenegger said that everybody is ordered to do things at one point or another, that someone was ordered to put up the podium, as well as bring in the microphone.
Maybe there will be an order not to re-elect his ass as well!