Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Former CIA Analyst: Goverment Possibly Manufacturing Phony Terrorism

Former CIA Analyst, Ray McGovern, appeared on a radio show Oct.17th about the Iraq War and the war on terror. He suggested that over the past few months there has been a "sea of change" in public opinion of the war in Iraq, and now over two thirds of Americans are against the war and now see through the Neo-con propaganda. (about fucking time!)
McGovern stated that the war "has nothing to do with democracy or freedom or defending " our way of life", it is to do with enriching the pockets of those who support this administration."
Congressman Ron Paul had recently been on the same radio talk show with host Alex Jones and said that the Bush administration is openly trying to set up a martial law police state in the U.S.. McGovern responded by saying, " Well it does seem that those who have Bush's ear are hell bent on giving away or providing wider responsibilities to our military. Witness what they are talking about now with giving primary responsibility for catastrophes, for hurricanes and so forth. Our military has been built up as an instrument of power but has never existed with this kind of potency before, and so we all need to look at this because there are laws against using the military in law enforcement capacities and we need to get Congressmen and Senators and say"look enough of this stuff"."
McGovern said that if there were another major attack in the U.S., it would mean a martial law state (according to General Tommy Franks) and a breakdown in our freedoms. He suggests that if we did have another attack, we should not accept what the goverment tells us because it could be them carrying out the terrror. (if McGovern turns up dead and ruled a "suicide"-we know why!)
He then went on to say he feels that the Bush administration will come toppling down due to the upcoming indictments and the way it has lied to justify the Iraq war.
But he warned that we need to stay on top of this and expose the lies, and if we stop looking they WILL get away with ANYTHING they want.
I agree. We can't let up on these pigs! Our founders who wrote our Constitution gave us the ability to impeach any goverment that takes away out liberties or any President that attempts to act like an Emperor or King.
This President has lied to get us to back a war for his benefit, he's about to veto a ban on torture, and has surrounded himself with Cronies willing to play dirty and illegal for power and money. What the fuck more does this administration need to do before we remove their ass from power???????