Sunday, October 16, 2005

Nazi March Sparks Riot In Ohio

A riot broke out Saturday in Toledo, Ohio when protesters confronted members of America's Nazi Party. They had gathered in a city park to march through the neighborhood under police protection. Rioters threw rocks at police, set fire to a neighborhood bar, vandalized cars and stores,etc. More than 100 people were arrested.
Gang members had planned to turn out in force to protest/confront the white supremacist group's march. The neo-Nazi group became interested in the neighborhood because a white resident complained to police about gang violence. A state of emergency remained in effect through the weekend.
Authorities have said that they want to determine why protesters turned their anger toward police after the Nazi group had left. Well, it dosen't take a genius to figure that out! First of all, the Nazi march was one protected by the police. Also , there evidently has been some tension between the police and the black citizens. I do feel that the protesters went too far, but when a hate group is allowed to march through their neighborhood with police protection, it's bound to boil some blood. The mob-mentality was rampant. People became very angry when they seen police only pushing back the black protesters, not the Nazi's.
Police Chief Navarre said after the riots, " There are some things that we would have done different. We wouldn't have allowed that group to go into a neighborhood...The march in that neighborhood was a bad idea. I mean, the march never took place. We couldn't have let it take place. These people would have been eaten alive." Even the police chief knew it was a bad idea that was just asking for violence.
Although both sides are to blame, I feel the Nazi's pushed the buttons of the already angry black and minority citizens by making the decision to march through their neighborhood and taunt them. Not cool.
Whats your opinion? Do you feel it was the Nazi groups fault or the protesters fault?