Sunday, November 27, 2005

Al-Jazeera Boss Demands To See 'Bomb Memo' While White House Threatens 'Daily Mirror'

Al-Jazeera's director general, Wadah Khanfar, is demanding a talk with Tony Blair over the memo that reportedly details George Bush discussing the idea of bombing the t.v. station's headquarters.
Khanfar has delivered a letter to Downing St. calling for the infamous memo to be made public. He earlier told BBC Radio 4's Today program, " So we demand a proper explanation and we would like to know the facts. We have demanded an urgent interview with Mr. Blair." He added, " It concerns not just Al-Jazeera journalists, but concerns journalists all over the world. We need to know if this discussion has taken place or not, if this document exists or not. Banning this document from being published does prompt a lot of concern and doubts. It is of historical value to know exactly what has happened."
There seems to be circumstantial evidence for believing Bush did bring up bombing Al-Jazeera, especially with Bush's track record. But I highly doubt Al-Jazeera will get any part of that memo, nor will the American public. You think Bush's ratings are low now? Wait until this shit hits the fan! The White House, Tony Blair included, will do anything to keep this under lock and key.
Speaking of the White House.... On Wednesday Downing St. threatened The Daily Mirror with prosecution under Britain's Official Secrets Act for disclosing the memo that indicated Blair had convinced Bush not to bomb Al-Jazeera headquarters.
News organizations in the U.K. can no longer report the contents of the memo, but a report from London's Channel 4 News questions this first and historic use of the Official Secrets Act against the press. Their reporting said that White House pressure led to the threat of legal action against The Daily Mirror.
In the Daily Telegraph, MP Boris Johnson proclaimed, " I'll go to jail to print the truth about Bush and Al-Jazeera."
If none of these reports are true, if Bush did not say nor suggest such a thing, then why would the British state decree that anyone who prints those remarks will be sent to prison?? Sounds like their shittin' bricks, no? If it looks dirty & smells dirty THEN IT'S FUCKING DIRTY!!!!