Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Arnold Gets Shut-The-Hell Down!!!

Nobody can whipe the smile off my face today! Schwarzenegger got beat down in yesterdays California Special Election! Every single proposition that Nazi put on the ballot recieved a Big Fat NO! Congrats to all my fellow Californian's! Here are the results::::

Prop 73: (Minors pregnancy)=NO (yes:47.4/no:52.6)

Prop 74: (Teachers tenure)=NO (yes:44.9/no:55.1)

Prop 75: (Public union dues)=NO (yes:46.5/no:53.5)

Prop 76: (Spending/funding)=NO (yes:37.9/no:62.1)

Prop 77: (Redistricting)=NO (yes:40.5/no:59.5)

Prop 78: (Prescription drug discounts)=NO (yes:41.5/no:58.5)

Prop 79: (Prescription drug rebates)=NO (yes:38.9/no:61.1)

Prop 80: (Electric regulation)=NO