Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bush Administration Insists On Using Torture

Former President Jimmy Carter appeared on Hardball today, speaking out against the White House insisting that the CIA be exempted from the ban on torture & abuse of prisoners & terror suspects. Carter said that torture is not only inhumane, but that a tortured prisoner will admit to just about anything, whether it's true or not, just to stop the torture.
Although the Senate overwhelmingly approved an anti-torture amendment 3 weeks ago, the White House keeps insisting that the CIA be exempt from that ban on abuse. There is a basic code of conduct that ensures captives will not be brutalized, but when our soldiers are tortured our goverment lashes out--This is major hypocrisy on the part of the Bush administration. Any exception to this ban will tarnish America's image even more, as well as endanger our troops & citizens overseas.
Vice President Dickhole Cheney and CIA Director Porter Goss made a special appeal to Sen. John McCain to support the exemption for the CIA. They argued that the president needed flexibility on the prohibition against torture in the global war on terrorism. McCain, who himself was captured & tortured by the North during the Vietnam war, rejected the suggestion.
In Afghanistan & Iraq, CIA employees have been implicated in at least 4 deathsof suspects recently, although no CIA operative has been charged. One case was an Iraqi who died during an interrogation at Abu Ghraib Prison; another involves an Afghan suspect who was dunked in frigid water & died of hypothermia. A third case involved a former Iraqi general who suffocated after being stuffed headfirst into a sleeping bag; and the fourth involved an Afghan prisoner who died after being stripped of his clothes & left outside in the cold. And these are just the reported cases.
This makes me sick to my stomach. Our country is a superpower with many resources & sophisticated equipment for us to obtain information, using torture is not only unnecessary, but SICK!! It produces questionable information, taints our reputation, tells other countries that U.S. captives are fair game, and is totally inhumane.
The fact that our goverment and Cheney endorse torture by our goverment, the CIA, and other agencies is flooring.Cheney's proposed change "states that the measure barring inhumane treatment shall not apply to counterterrorism operations conducted abroad or to operations conducted by 'an element of the United States goverment' other than the Defense Department." The proposed changes appear to be broad enough to exempt any agencies engaged in what the goverment declares to be "counterterrorism operations".
The ACLU released a report last week investigating the deaths of 44 people taken prisoner in Iraq & Afghanistan. 21 of those were found to be DEFINITE homocides. Most were killed by asphyxiation, or blunt force trauma, or both.
An editorial in the Washington Post straight out said " this vice president has become an open advocate of torture." It also said, " The vice president has become a prime mover behind the Bush administrations decision to violate the Geneva Conventions & the UN Convention Against Torture & to break up with decades of past practice by the US military."
How can the U.S. use alleged violations of international law as a justification for military intervention when the U.S. itself so brazenly violates fundamental components of international law???
The hypocrisy is rampant, and will not only endanger our military overseas, but us here in the U.S. from attacks.
You know, I can go on for days about this subject, but I'm too nauseous to continue. This administration makes me sick.