Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bush Appoints Caveman For Supreme Court!

On Monday, President Chimp nominated Judge Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court. Alito has been a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Reich..oops I mean Third Circuit, since his appointment by the first President Bush in 1990. In that time, Alito (nicknamed "Scalito" for his ideological resemblance to Justice Antonin Scalia) has compiled an extensive, extreme right-wing judicial record on many issues of importance to the protection of the rights & interests of women, workers, & minorities.
This right-wing nutjob wants goverment to be able to interfere in personal decisions on reproductive rights--- such as upholding a provision of Pennsylvania's restrictive anti-abortion law requiring a woman to notify her husband before obtaining an abortion! Are you fucking kidding me?? This caveman wants to make it a law that women have to inform their husbands of their decision to have an abortion?! What's next? Is he going to try & instill a law requiring women to give up sex to their men at least 3 times a week?!!
This prick also regets basic protections for workers. In a number of dissenting opinions, Alito has taken positions that, if adopted, would make it more difficult for victims of race & sex discrimination to prove their claims. Take for instance Robinson v. City of Pittsburgh 1997. Officer Robinson complained of sexual harassment by her supervisor, Officer Dickerson, which included nasty-ass things like, " unhooking her bra strap, snapping her bra strap, touching her hair & ears, telling her 'you stink pretty', making comments about the size of her breasts, blowing her a kiss, asking her out for a drink, touching her leg under a table, putting his hands around her waist, dropping his keys down the back of her shirt & attempting to retrieve them, as well as describing the postition in which he & Robinson would have sex, if they were to do so." SICK FUCK!!! Talk about harassment! Officer Robinson complained to Asst. Chief Edwards & applied for a transfer, & was advised to "wait it out". She was told Officer "Pig" Dickerson had done this before & no action had been taken against him by his superiors. Robinson submitted a written request for an appointment with Chief Buford, but was refused. Robinson sued the City, Buford, Edwards, & Dickerson for sexual harassment & sex discrimination & sued Dickerson for assault, battery, & intentional infliction of emotional distress. At the district court level she lost on most of her claims & she then appealed. In an opinion written by Alito, the Third Circuit agreed with the district court that Robinson's claim that Asst. Chief Edwards knew about her harassment was invalid & Alito held that Buford was not liable because there was insufficient evidence. Alito also rejected Robinson's claim that she suffered retaliation after her complaints. Alito showed his lack of care & awarness about the problem of sexual harassment, & applied stringent standards of proof that would be difficult for many victims of discrimination to meet.---Does this guy have women issues or what???---
Oh, but he dosen't discriminate just against women- Alito has shown equal discrimination against people of color as well! Take Bray v. Marriot Hotels for example.....Ms. Bray, an african-american woman, applied for a promotion, but a white woman was hired instead. Her employer, Marriot, did not follow it's own guidlines for hiring & several key employees gave conflicting statements about how the decision to hire the white woman was made. Bray sued, the district court ruled for Marriot. Bray appealed, & the Third Circuit overturned the district court & let Bray make her case. Alito dissented from the panel's decision & would have thrown Bray's case out. He didn't even want to hear her side! Alito also made it clear that he would have imposed an almost impossible burden on victims of employment discrimination.
These are just a couple of examples of Samuel Alito's racial discrimination & his hostilitiy towards women. If you want many more check out People For The American Way @ http://pfaw.org.
Samuel Alito is an opponent of fundamental legal rights & protections for ALL Americans ( because there are more than just rich,religious white men living in this country!) & must NOT be confirmed to the Supreme Court!
I'm going to go now & search the American flag & our U.S. currancy for the hidden swastika's, because Bush & this goverment seem to have an agenda to recruit only religious white men who are prejudiced & possess internal issues with women.