Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bush Speech = Bullshit

Well, Georgie went and opened his mouth again, and all we got was the same rhetoric that usually spews out: "Stay the course". If I hear that statement one more time.... It seems Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid felt the same way, he issued a statement before Bush could finish speaking (not sure 'speaking' is quite the right word to use!), he said that Bush, "recycled his tired rhetoric of ' stay the course' and once again missed an opprotunity to lay out a real strategy for success in Iraq that will bring out troops safely home."
Bush only reiterated his refusal to set a time table to withdraw troops, and basically said it's on the Iraqi troops to become trained and ready so that he can start pulling our troops out. So now it's on them?
After 2 1/2 years in Iraq, and 2,110 U.S. troops dead, and 16,000 wounded, The Bush administration released what it calls a, " National Strategy for Victory in Iraq". This so-called "strategy" only describes what has transpired in Iraq to date as a resounding success, and refuses to establish any standards for accountability. It dismisses major problems like the INCREASE in bombings as, " metrics that the terrorists and insurgents want the world to use." This load of crap document is just an extended justification for Bush to "stay the course" put down in words in a fancy package that resembels an important document from the United States goverment.
In the past 2 weeks, more than 200 Iraqis, most civilians, have been killed in suicide attacks and car bombings. There has also been a renewed series of kidnapping's in the past 3 days, mostly targeting foreigners. 5 foreign hostages have been kidnapped since Friday. In one video, the kidnapper's threatened to kill German Susanne Osthoff and her driver unless Berlin stops all cooperation with the U.S. backed Iraqi goverment.
All in all, Bush's "speech" was another waste of words, with no plan, no strategy, so no big surprise.