Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bush Spoke Of Bombing Al-Jazeera---Blair Talked Him Out Of It!!

A civil servant was charged under Britain's Official Secrets Act for allegedly leaking a goverment memo that said Prime Minister Tony Blair persuaded Bush not to bomb the Arab satellite station, Al-Jazeera. The Daily Mirror reported Bush spoke of targeting Al-Jazeera's headquarters in Doha, Qatar when he met Blair at the White House on April 16th, 2004. Bush and his administration have regularly accused Al-Jazeera of being a propaganda mouthpiece for anti-American sentiments.
One source that's said to be in the goverment was quoted as saying that the alleged threat was "humerous, not serious." But the newspaper quoted another source as saying that, " Bush was deadly serious, as was Blair."
Blair's office will not comment, but said it never discusses leaked documents.
The document is described as being a transcript of a conversation between Bush and Blair.
Peter Kilfoyle, a former defense minister in Blair's goverment, called for the document to be made public. He said, " I think they ought to clarify what exactly happened on this occassion. If it was the case that President Bush wanted to bomb Al-Jazeera in what is after all a friendly country, it speaks volumes and it raises questions about subsequent attacks that took place on the press that wasn't embedded with coaltion forces."
Sir Menzies Campbell, foreign affairs spokesman for the oppostion Liberal Democrats said, " If true, then this underlines the desperation of the Bush administration as events in Iraq began to spiral out of control. On this occassion, the Prime Minister may have been successful in averting political disaster, but it shows how dangerous his relationship with President Bush has been."
Al-Jazeera offices in Iraq & Afghanistan have been hit by U.S. bombs & missiles, but each time the U.S. military said they were not intentially targeting Al-Jazeera.
Yeah, right. I don't believe a shit thing this military or administration spews from it's toxic mouth. Bush talks constantly about "Freedom", but if this report is true, & I personally have no doubts in my mind, then he pulled the ultimate hypocritical move by wanting & suggesting to bomb another country's T.V. station that openly disagrees with his war and actions. This administration plays dirty, & it gets more & more disturbing each day. If Bush had it HIS way, there would no longer be liberal bloggers, shows like the "Daily Show", and comedians like Margaret Cho, etc, etc, etc.
I better break out the flourescent clothes, new wave music, and feather my hair---Because it's 1984 again, baby!!!!