Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bush Thinks He Has A Strategy For "Winning" In Iraq,Rumsfeld Says Current Strategy's Working

President Chimp said today that " it would be a terrible mistake" to pull U.S. forces out of Iraq and that politics should not play any part in a decision about withdrawl. The argument against withdrawl was also spewed by Rumsfeld today, who said that "quitting" the war would allow insurgents to prevail and put the U.S. " at still greater risk." He added, " Quitting is not an exit strategy."
Bush said today that, "The whole objective is to achieve victory against the terrorists. I'm interested in winning. I want to defeat the terrorists. And I want our troops to come home. But I don't want them to come home without having achieved victory. We've got a strategy for victory."
Oh do you George? So far it looks like a complete and utter failure to me, but shit, If you say you have a strategy, why shouldn't the American people believe you! Ahhh, but ya know, all that lying about the reason you took our ass to war in the first place might keep us from believing your incompetent ass.
Meanwhile, Rumsfeld thinks, "The strategy is working, and we should stick to it." Does this heartless piece of shit read any of the reports out of Iraq? The rate of our soldiers dying over in Iraq is not exactly depleting. He thinks just because the Iraqi's have more army battalions "in the fight", and that a couple of streets in Iraq he named are now more "peaceful" is an indication everything is going just peachy. Do these bunch of baffoons realize that the "terrorists" are flocking to Iraq from other countries just to take out a few Americans? They are attacking our troops because they invaded a country out of a lie, and they want us OUT! Duh! We need an exit strategy fast. They keep telling us that we will leave when the Iraqi's are fully trained and ready. How many more years is that gonna take? LIES, LIES, LIES. We are not buying it anymore Mr. President.