Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bush Told 10 Days After 9/11: NO LINKS BETWEEN IRAQ & AL-QAEDA

Goverment documents, as well as past & present Bush administration officials, said Bush was briefed on September 21, 2001 that evidence of cooperation between Iraq & the Al-Qaeda network was insufficient. Not only that, but Bush was told that there was some credible information about contacts between Saddam Hussein & Al-Qaeda that showed that Saddam had tried to establish surveillance over the group. Saddam believed that Al-Qaeda represented a threat for his secular regime.
Why has there not been a coup against this asshole? In other countries, they would not stand for this shit. Are Americans lacking balls? The rest of the world seems to think so. A president takes it's country to war on a lie-the people find out-he's still sitting in the White House???????????????????? It just dosen't make any sense to me. Does this idiot have that much power? Please somebody post a comment and give me some explanation why we are allowing this to go down! It fucking baffles me.