Monday, November 07, 2005

California Election 2005: Gropinator's Props.Expected To Be Crushed

Tuesday Nov.8th is voting day here in California. Governer Arnold "Gropinator" is promoting 4 initiatives on the ballot.

Prop.73-Abortion for minors:Would bar a patient younger than 18 from having an abortion until 48 hours after her physician notifies a parent or legal guardian. Defines abortion as causing " the death of an unborn child, a child conceived but not yet born".
Chief Supporters: Calif. Catholic Conf. of Bishops, Traditional Values Coalition, Calif. Pro-Life Council, Gov. Schwarzenegger, etc
Chief Opponents: Calif. Medical Assn., Planned Parenthood, League of Women Voters of Calif., Calif. National Org. for Women, Calif. Nurses Assn., etc
Main Arguments Against: Laws cannot compel healthy family communication. Teens afraid to tell their parents, or confused about how to obtain a judicial waiver, will face health risks from self-induced or later-term abortions or visits to unsafe providers.

Prop. 74-Teacher Employment: Would extend probationary periods for new teachers from 2 yrs to 5 yrs. Would simplify the dismissal process, allowing school districts to fire a permanent teacher without advance notice if the teacher has 2 consecutive unsatisfactory evaluations.
Chief Supporters: Gov. Schwarzenegger, Chairman of the Governer's Council of Economic Advisors, etc
Chief Opponents: Calif. Teachers Assn., Calif. Federation of Teachers, etc
Main Arguments Against: Would hamper efforts to recruit new teachers & keep qualified veterens. Would force school districts to divert millions of dollars from classrooms to new administrative expenses.

Prop. 75-Union Dues: Would require public employee unions to obtain a members permission each year before using his or her dues for political campaigns, including donations to candidates & initiative efforts.
Chief Supporters: Gov. Schwarzenegger, Republican lawmakers & politicians.
Chief Opponents: Calif. Teachers Assn., Calif. Federation of Teachers, Calif. Professional Firefighters, Calif. Nurses Assn., Democratic lawmakers & politicians.
Main Arguments Against: Would make it hard for unions to campaign for initiatives & for lawmakers who share their concerns, & to battle efforts to harm education, public safety or healthcare.

Prop.76-State Spending Restrictions: Would cap the amount of money the state could spend each year, tied to average increase in state revenue over 3 previous years. Lower amount of money guaranteed to schools when economy improves. Gives the governer new authority to make midyear cuts.
Chief Supporters: Gov. Schwarzenegger, Calif., Chamber of Commerce, Calif., Business Roundtable, etc.
Chief Opponents: Calif. Teachers Assn, Calif. Nurses Assn., Calif. Prof. Firefighters, PTA, League of Women Voters, etc.
Main Arguments Against: Would hurt schools by dismantling the funding formulas for education that voters put in place more than 15 yrs ago. Schools would lose $ 3.8 billion dollars a year that current system provides. Police, firefighters, hospitals & schools could be subject to budget cuts.

Prop.77-Redistricting: Would give 3 retired judges job of redrawing congressional, legistative & Board of Equalization districts. Would require new districts to be determined immediatley(normally redrawn every 10 yrs with new census data).
Chief Supporters: Gov. Schwarzenegger, Republican members of Congress & Legislature, etc
Chief Opponents: Democratic legislative leaders, Calif., Democratic Party, League of Women Voters, etc
Main Argument Against: 3 judges chosen by politicians cannot represent California's diversity. Would disenfranchise roughly 3 million people new to Calif. since last census, in 2000.