Monday, November 07, 2005

Can I Get a M--U--G S--H--O--T.....

Two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders were caught with their pants down...literally! Sunday night these two lovebirds were holding up the bathroom line at a Florida bar because they were shaking their pom-poms at each other. When the women waiting in line couldn't hold it any longer, the two emerged to beat the living crap out of one woman who complained about them having sex in the stall! It cannot get any better than this!...But wait, it does.
After the one on the right (the blonde) decked the woman and gave her a shiner, the cops came to arrest the 2 and she put up a fight. She gave the police an i.d. from another Carolina cheerleader who was not at the bar! They are still confirming her identity.
Angela Keathley (brunette) was so intoxicated she could not stand, and refused to cooperate with the police. She was charged with disorderly conduct, & obstructing an officer. Her stall buddy was arrested for battery, and may possibly face charges for misleading police about her identity.
I love this story..I'm sorry, it's just too good not to post! Hope you laughed as hard as I did. And to the 2 cheerleaders....You go girls!!