Monday, November 21, 2005

'Ex-Gay's' Gather To "Cure" Homosexuals

On November 11-13th NARTH, otherwise known as the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, held it's conference in Marina del Ray, California. For those of you who are unfamiliar with NARTH, it is a ludicrous organization that promotes "reparative" or "reorientation" therapy for homosexuals using a combination of prayer & crazy-ass exercises. Their goal is to help gays, and I quote, " attain the goal of reaching their heterosexual potential." NARTH has more than 1,000 therapists, psychoanalysts, & sociologists who believe homosexuality is not inborn & can be changed.
The President nut-job of Exodus International, Alan Chambers, says that the fact that ex-homosexuals exist invalidates the notion that homosexuality is biologically determined. If anyone has seen or heard this quack you would quickly see that he has fire shooting so far outta his ass, he singes anyone within a 5 mile radius! He also spews that countless people- himself included- have demonstrated that same-sex desires can be overcome with the help od Jesus Christ!
Oh God! When will these right-wing, fanatical religious, nutjobs ever give it a rest?! I have argued & discussed the topic of being born gay vs. choosing to be gay more times than I can recall. And every single time I am either left feeling deeply sadened, or totally enraged. Primarily it's due to myself being a lesbian, but it's also due to complete frustration. How the hell can these religious fanatics give me a history & medical explanation of homosexuality? They know nothing, yet claim that homosexuality is a choice, & with prayer & therapy, can be reversed! That is just totally absurd! The fact that there are "ex-gays" only says that there are gays out there that are either brainwashed or scared into not having a gay relationship, but are still gay-just not having sex or having a girlfriend/boyfriend dosent mean they aren't gay anymore. Do straight people who are not in a relationship at the time consider themselves not straight? Noooooo.
Viewing homosexuality as a 'condition' to be corrected is just continued persecution & prejudice against gays. What's so Christian about that? I'm fed up with the 'holier than thou' attitude from Christians, or ones claiming they are Christian. The majority are hypocritical, ignorant people who practice hate rather than love.
Proof of the hypocrisy:
---In the early 70's Gary Cooper & Michael Bussee were counselors at an "ex-gay" ministry in California. In 1976 they organized the first national conference of "ex-gay" ministries. Exodus International was then formed. While traveling on behalf of Exodus these 2 lovebirds acknowledged they had not changed & infact were in love with each other.
---In 1987, Jeremy Marks founded Courage, London's first "ex-gay" ministry. In 2001, he renounced Exodus's methods by saying they were failing to change people's sexual orientation.
---In 2000, Wade Richard appeared as a media spokesman for Savior's Alliance for Lifting the Truth, & gave his testimony of "change" at a major press conference. A year later, he "came out" in an interview.
Love is love is love