Wednesday, November 30, 2005

U.S. Secretly Paying Iraqi Newspapers To Plant Favorable Stories

Now the U.S. military is engaging in propaganda spreading. It has secretly paid Iraqi newspapers to plant favorable stories about it's efforts to rebuild Iraq, according to the Los Angeles Times.
The newspaper quoted unidentified officials as saying many of the stories in Iraqi newspapers are written by U.S. troops and while some factual, sometimes gives readers a slanted view of what's happening in Iraq. Some officials have expressed fears that use of such stories could hurt the credibility of the U.S. military world wide. Ya think?
The Penatgon hired the Lincoln Group, a Washington-based firm that translates the stories into Arabic and places them in Baghdad newspapers. The organization's staff or subcontractors in Iraq pose as freelance reporters or advertising executives when they hand over stories to Iraqi media outlets.
Military officials who spoke to the Times on the condition of anonymity said the " Information Operations Task Force" is part of a multinational corps with headquarters in Baghdad, bought an Iraqi newspaper and took over a radio station to put out pro-American messages. Neither outlet was named due to fear that insurgents would target them.
The stories often praise the efforts of U.S. and Iraqi troops, denounce terrorism, and promote the country's reconstruction efforts.
$ 1, 500 was paid to the independant Ad-Dustour newspaper to run an Aug. 2nd article titled, " More Money To Iraq's Development". $ 50 was paid to run a headline " Iraqi's Insist on Living Despite Terrorism."
It disgusts me that the U.S. goverment and military have to stoop so low as to PAY newspapers to run bullshit stories glorifying the U.S. invasion in Iraq. This is the type of shit Hitler would do. It just goes to show what people will do for money, and what this goverment will do to cover it's ass and attempt to make it look better, if at all possible.