Monday, December 05, 2005

10,000+ March In 33 Countries: Are Bush & Blair Listening?

This past weekend, more than 100,000 people marched in 33 countries to express concern for the enviroment in the 1st world-wide protest to press for action to combat global warming.
The marches were timed to put pressure on the most important international climate change negotiations since the Kyoto Protocol agreement 8 years ago. It took place against a background of new research showing that the heating of the planet is seriously affecting the world sooner than the scientists predicted.
The protests were primarily directed at our most loveable George W. Bush, who has been trying to sabotage the protocol, as well as ruling out even talking about setting targets for reducing the pollution that causes global warming. The head of the U.S. delegation to the negotiations, Harlan Watson said, " The United States is opposed to any such discussions."
The protests were also aimed at Tony Blair. 10,000 demonstrators carrying banners linking Bush & Tony Blair as "climate criminals", took a special detour to hand in a letter at No. 10 Downing Street. The protesters demanded that Britain do much more to cut it's own pollution. Emissions of carbon dioxide have risen since Labour took power in 1997.
The United States & Australia are the only western industrialized nations not to have ratified Kyoto. Scientists agree that rich countries have to reduce their emissions by a massive 80% by 2050, if there is to be any hope of stopping climate changes escalating out of control.
This has yet to make an impact on the Bush administration. The director of the International Institute of Enviroment & Development, Camilla Toulmin said, " In the case of the current U.S. administration we may have to give up ever hoping for a flicker of intelligence on climate change. The pattern of interests based on oil and gas seems closely knit into an armour-plated defense of U.S. policy."
Scary facts:
**New research has found that levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere--the main cause of global warming--are higher than that at anytime in the past 625,000 years!! This year is expected to be the warmest ever recorded; 1998 was the hottest so far, but the past 3 years currently occupy the next 3 places.

** The level of the world's seas & oceans is rising twice as fast as in the past.

**Areas such as the western U.S., which depends on mountain snows for their water, are running short as less snow falls.

**Sealife & birdlife have declined catastrophically this year along America's north-west Pacific Coast, after a similar meltdown in the North Sea.

** Corals on the Great Barrier Reef are bleaching out & dying as sea temperatures rise & scientists fear that the whole reef may perish by 2050.

I know it's real easy to put the enviroment on the back burner so to speak, especially when ignornant people like Bush aren't really experiencing the results of neglecting it. But the next generations to come will experience it, if they even have a chance to. It is our job to take care of this planet, it's the only fucking one we got! Our next president needs to put the enviroment on the top of his or her list.