Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bush Begs Newspaper Editors To Stop Embarrassing Him (although he does a damn good job of that himself!)

Bush has been summoning newspaper editors and holding meetings lately in an effort to prevent the publication of some of the stories that he finds damaging to national security, but they seem to damage Bush's image rather than national security.
Meetings with the editors of the Washington Post & New York Times were confirmed by sources who have been briefed on them, but are not authorized to comment because both sides have agreed to keep the meetings off the record.
After Bush's meetings with the NY Times executives, which was first reported by Newsweek, Bush called the paper's piece on domestic spying "shameful". Meanwhile, some liberals attacked the paper for holding out on the story for more than a year after earlier meetings.
Bush's efforts have failed, but the meetings at the White House with the executive editors of these 2 major newspapers is not only rare, but is a clear indication how serious & upset Bush is about the recent reportings that are blowing the cover off his questionable anti-terror tactics.