Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bush Defends Spying On U.S. Public

Today, Bush unapologetically defended his administrations right to conduct secret spying on people within the United States.
Bush ditched his version of his weekly radio address that he had previously taped on the elections in Iraq, and instead delivered a live speech from the White House's Roosevelt Room. Bush seemed angry in the 8 minute address, and made clear that he has no intention of stopping his authorization of the monitoring activities. Bush added that whoever revealed the program to the media acted improperly and illegally. He said his authority came from his constitutional powers as commander in chief, and that he has personally signed off on reauthorizations more than 30 times.
James Bamford, author of 2 books on the NSA said, " I didnt hear him specify any legal right, except his right as president, which in a democracy dosent make sense. Today, what Bush said is he went around the law, which is a violation of the law- which is illegal."
Susan Low Bloch, a professor of constitutional law @ Georgetown University Law Center, said the president needs authorization from Congress for this kind of activity- or risk adverse rulings from the Supreme Court.
Senator Russell Feingold said, " I tell you, he's President Bush, not King George Bush. This is not the system of goverment we have and that we fought for."
And Senator Patrick Leahy added, " The Bush administration seems to belive it is above the law."
Bush is out of line, and out of control! He is a dictator in the making, and obviously has issues with power. I hope the American people are paying attention now.