Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ford Motor Company: Bends Over For Gay-Hating AFA

I'm sure you already have heard how the American Family Association announced a boycott against the Ford Motor Company because the company's record for supporting gay and lesbians, including gay marriage. The AFA put out an 'action alert' earlier this year that stated, " You are probably unaware that Ford Motor Company is a major supporter of the homosexual movement, including homosexual marriage....Giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to support homosexual groups, forcing managers to attend diversity training, sponsoring Gay Pride Parades, Ford leads the way."
They go on to urge a boycott of Ford until they stop their promotion "of the homosexual movement & homosexual marriage." They also went so far as to demand Ford stop providing benefits to the partners of its gay employees.
Ford has appeased these assholes demands in a secret meeting held last week. Ford has also pulled their gay ads from 2 publications, Out and Advocate.
What pussy's these jerks at Ford are! Ford has released a letter to it's gay & lesbian employee group. It stated, " Last week, we were joined by a Ford dealer representative in a meeting with the American Family Association...Following the meeting, the AFA announced that it was ending it's boycott of Ford Motor Company...Our latest discussion with the AFA cleaned up a lot of misunderstandings about Ford's policies and practices...We advised AFA that most of the ads were running outside North America or no longer running...We agreed to open a dialogue with the leadership of AFA..." For the entire letter AMERICAblog has the text .. http://americablog.blogspot.com The Ford executive who brokered the secret deal with the AFA gay-haters, was caught leading Bush's right-wing Supreme Court nominees. He held secret meetings out of Ford's own offices in support of Bush's nominees.
So what's the deal with Ford? They get caught for supporting gays by the religious nutjobs over at the AFA & then has a secret meeting with them, later to drop all ads in gay magazines,etc. Seems to me Ford is acting rather "gay" now by BENDING OVER for the AFA!