Monday, December 05, 2005

How The Rest Of The World Views Us: Part 2

I had previously posted sentiments of people from around the world & their views of the United States & it's policy's. I gathered a few more recently from the internet & wanted to share them. Some are amusing, some are rude, most are dead-on correct. Copied exactly as is.

"Fuck off Americans: Don't like what you see...Do something..Your president is doing this to your country...DO SOMETHING!!! Get off your FAT ASS and DO SOMETHING! Look at your country ASSHOLE!! We are SICK of you trying to 'Americanize' the world and HATE you for trying to push YOUR version of what should be on everyone. GET OVER IT, YOUR COUNTRY SUCKS! No one is perfect, but you Americans are just PATHETIC! We are waiting for China to call in the TRILLION you owe them, you will default and WWIII will start. WE will not help you! YOU brought this on, YOU deal with the "consumer public" YOU made. Go buy more shit from WalMart! CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME! (Amsterdam,Netherlands)

" Look at who you elected! A cokehead, drunk, AWOL coward, douchebag! What did he give you?? 180 tons of dead American G.I.'s!" (Barcelona,Spain)

" You must be so proud of a coward killing for oil." (followed by picures of Bush with a gun to his head, a spoof on the movie 'A Beautiful Mind', & Bush as spokesman for Jack Daniels.) (Frankfurt,Germany)

"America is not free. American's don't know freedom. Americans know fear--and so America goes to war. You will continue to imprison or destroy anyone who disagrees, as long as you fear facing the question of being wrong." (Paris,France)

Do you feel the love?? This is the result of George Bush's policy's, actions, and sometimes inactions. I would like to take this opprotunity to thank George W. Bush for making the United States THE most hated country on the face of the earth! His ass-backwards approach to the "War on Terror" has placed a huge bullseye on every Americans head, and inturn made our country less safe.