Sunday, December 04, 2005

The 'Not So Friendly Sky's': 300 CIA Flights Landed In Europe

The Guardian, a UK daily, has reported that over 300 flights by the United States CIA have landed at European airports. Flight logs seen by the paper reveal that most of the CIA planes landed in Germany (96 visits), and Britian (80 visits). The report suggests that European airports have frequently been facilitating the transport of suspected terrorists by the CIA to the Guantanamo Bay camp, or possibly to secret prisions somewhere in eastern Europe.
The Washington Post reported back in November the existence of such secret prisons, with NGO Human Rights Watch identifying EU member Poland & Romania as likely locations for the camps.
Washington has been under some pressure to provide clarification over the whole thing. UK foreign minister, Jack Straw on behalf of the EU, expressed concern about possible "violations of international law" in a letter sent to Washington. State Dept. spokesman Sean McCormack said the administration would respond, "to the best of our ability".
Dutch foreign minister Bernard Bot said before the Dutch parliament last week that if the reports of the alleged existence of CIA prisons in Europe were found true, it would have "consequences" for Dutch participation in military operations in Afghanistan.
Wow, the U.S. is doing such a great job of bringing the world together, as well as showing them our world-renowned ethics! We should be so proud of our country! In fact, I'm swelling with pride as I type....
I hope Europe bitch-slaps our country into shape. The United States needs a good bitch-slappin' right about now.