Wednesday, December 07, 2005

O.C."Man" Convicted In Hate Crime Murder

I was reading in "IN Magazine", the LGBT Los Angeles-based magazine, the other day & came across a story that was so sad & disgusting I couldn't stop thinking about it. Part of my childhood was spent in Orange County, California, so I am very familiar with not only the location, but the O.C. mentality as well.
On Friday, Novemember 18th, an Orange County jury found Gregory Michael Pisarcik guilty of 1st degree murder for the savage killing of Narciso Leggs Jr., a retired immigration agent. Leggs was a 53 year old Vietnam War veteren who had won accolades during his career as an undercover INS agent.
Leggs met the evil Pisarcik at Main Street Bar in Laguna Beach, California one night in June 2002. Just to let people unfamiliar with Laguna Beach know, it is a huge O.C. gay mecca. The 2 went back to Leggs' Tustin apartment that night & was never seen alive again. His landlord called police after he noticed Leggs had been missing for a few days.
Leggs was found dead June 29,2002. His head was smashed with a full champagne bottle causing deep gashes on the top & back of the head. His hands were tied from behind with a sock & his ears had been cut off with scissors! He had also been strangled & urinated on, & a large plastic flashlight shoved into his rectum. The phrase "Fags Die" was written on his body with a black marker.
The apartment was ransacked & Leggs' car & gun were missing. 25 year old Gregory Pisarcik was spotted driving the car in Ventura. He led police on a high speed chase across several freeways, firing the gun out the window. When the chase ended, he refused to come out of the car.
Pisarcik confessed to police that he had gone to Leggs' home to rob him, & that he hated homosexuals. While he was being transported to the Orange County Jail, he told a deputy, " Don't put me in with the homo's. I'm not a homo. That's why I killed him. I'm not a homo." He made other statements in custody making it clear he hated gay's & showed no remorse for the murder.
Pisarcik, orignally from New Jersey, lived in the Huntington Beach area & had many comvictions for theft & drug violations.
Pisarcik is scheduled to be sentenced Feb.3rd, 2006 & faces life in prison without the parole, where he will likely become a "homo" just like he was afraid of. What goes around comes around,buddy!
One of the main reasons a friend & I decided to start an Orange County chapter of Riot Grrrl in O.C. in the early 90's was not only due to us becoming tired of driving to L.A. for meetings, but because we witnessed so many hate crimes there. I can't tell you how many times us Riot Grrls stepped in to help out someone in Laguna being bashed for being gay or black. When I heard this story, I cringed remembering all those times & images I was faced with. There really needs to be tougher hate crime laws in this country to deter these types of disgusting, ignorant, evil people from hurting or killing others just because they love someone of the same sex, or they're a different color skin than them.