Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Video Evidence Shows NYPD Covert Surveillance of a....Bicycle Rally!!

Last Thursday, the New York Times published an article revealing that it had obtained videotapes showing the NYPD conducting surveillance by planting undercover officers to secretly infiltrate & monitor anti-war protests, bike rallies, & even a vigil for a dead cyclist! The footage that the New York Times obtained shows officers holding protest signs, carrying flowers with mourners, riding bikes, & videotaping people at the events.
The footage shows at least 10 undercover cops taking part in 7 public gatherings since the Republican National Convention in Aug, 2004.
The Times published an editorial the day after the story ran saying, " it is a sad day when a police force generally known for it's professionalism is caught using underhanded tactics to spy on and even distort political protests and mass rallies."
In the case of the Critical Mass bike rally, and the party following, police 'dressed up' like protest participants, held protest signs, videotaped protesters, staging fake arrests of undercover cops pretending to protest, breaking up a peaceful party of people dancing, one undercover female officer ( looks kinda like a man,but pretty sure is female!) ruffing up a woman with a video camera-injuring her wrist while yanking the camera out of her hands, cops coming in with an electric saw to cut bicycles off racks & then taking them away, etc, etc.
The bust was totally ridiculous, over the top, & was clearly an attempt to pacify peaceful protesters, as well as make them feel powerless, abused, & discriminated against for no good reason.
Democracy Now! http://democracynow.org has the video of these cops wasting everyone's time & taxpayer dollars to bust up a protest/party/bike ride rally of peaceful people doing nothing illegal. Don't these pigs have anything better to do then bring in half the department to bust up a bicycle rally?!
I have an idea! How about using all that time, all those resources, & all that taxpayer money to hunt & harass the REAL terrorists! Now that I'd support! What, are the police afraid of bicycles? I don't think a bicycle can be flown into the World Trade Center & cause mass casualties, do you? Bicycles= the new instrument of terror!