Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Walgreen's Co. Gets Shit For Sponsorship Of 'Gay Games'

The Walgreen's Co., based in Deerfield, Illinois, has become one of the biggest sponsors of the Gay Games, which is set to take place in Chicago in the summer of 2006. Last month Walgreen's pledged $ 100,000 in support of the Gay Games, alongside other large sponsors such as Q Television & PlanetOut, and Kraft Foods. Kraft pledged $ 25,000 to the Gay Games and recieved shit from the anti-gay Mississippi-based American Family Association.
In response to Walgreen's pledge, the Illinios Family Institute, a conservative Christian group based in Chicago, has threatened to boycott the Walgreen's chain of drugstores until the support is retracted. Walgreen's claims their support stems from the long-standing relationship the drugstore pharmacies have with HIV patients, whom they've been serving since the 80's.
The ignorant, asshole head of the Illinois Family Institue, Peter LaBarbera wrote a letter to the Walgreen's chairman saying, " This approach is deeply flawed because homosexual acts between men are a leading factor in the spread of AIDS. By using Walgreen's good name to lend legitimacy to the Gay Games, you are helping to mainstream sexual behavior that is causing gay men to die in the prime of their life."
Just to piss off the religious right, as well as to support a company that supports gays & lesbians, I will from now on shop at Walgreen's and urge family and friends to do the same.