Sunday, January 22, 2006

33rd Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

Today marks the 33rd anniversary of Roe V. Wade, a very important day for women. As we await the confirmation of Alito, a man determined to overturn this extremely important ruling, we need to remember the battles of the women before us and vow to fight tooth and nail to protect Roe.
The radical, religious Republicans have made it their goal to try and overturn Roe, trying to take women back to the days when we had no voice, and our bodies were the property of men and the state.
The Los Angeles Times has an article out today saying, "Taking direct aim at Roe V. Wade, lawmakers from several states are proposing broad restrictions on abortion, with the goal of forcing the U.S. Supreme Court- once it has a second new justice- to revisit the landmark ruling issued 33 years ago today."
" The bill under construction in Indiana would ban all abortions, except when continuing the pregnancy would threaten the woman's life or put her physical health in danger of "substantial permanent impairment". Similiar legislation is pending in Ohio, Georgia, and Tennessee."
So on this 33rd anniversary of Roe V. Wade, please remember to support women's rights to their own bodies.