Monday, January 30, 2006

Alito Debate Ends; No Filibuster

Judge Alito supporters only needed 60 votes to block a filibuster...They got 72. Disgusting. This so-called judge could potentially end women's rights in the United States as we now know them. Why there wasn't more of an uproar & protest about the election/confirmation of 'Scalito' is beyond me. I can probably count on just one hand all of the senators/politicians with half a backbone willing to stick their necks out for women's rights, among other rights. I know it's hard to continue fighting when the chips are stacked against you, but laying down, staying silent, & not standing up to fight, is just unattractive, ignorant, and the act of a coward. This is why we do not see change like we would like to see in this country, because of cowards unwilling to lose support of one side or the other. Watching all this go down is like watching a pretty even-matched tennis game. I want someone to run up to the net & smash the shit outta the ball already!!!!
So it looks as if this country will be obtaining an ignorant, ultra-conservative, women's rights stripping, constitution spitting, big business loving, Bush asskisser, Supreme Court judge. Final vote: 72-25.