Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bush Threatens Iran About Developing Nuclear Weapons; Ironic,Considering The CIA Gave Them The Blueprints To Do So

It has been obvious & evident, especially recently, that the Bush administration has been throwing propaganda at us over Iran & their intenetions to build a nuclear aresenal. We have been told that they are just months away from doing so. We have also been told that Iran must be stopped.
But something the Bush administration has left out in telling us is that both the U.S. & the U.K have supplied Iran with the materials & know how to build a nuclear bomb.
And with the news this weekend of Iranian intentions to resume nuclear fuel research despite international appeals not to do so, why is the U.S. & the U.K. suprised?
Heres a brief history of how Iran's nuclear proliferation began:
The 1953 CIA ouster of President Mossadegh, a leader who was conforming to westernized policy yet made the mistake of asking to keep a small portion of his country's oil revenue, was achieved by staged bombings & shootings which were blamed on the Iranian goverment in order to piss off the population & enable a coup.
After installing the Shah Globalists like Henry Kissinger, that opened the door for Iran to develop sophisticated nuclear energy programs. 23 reactors were built with the help of American corporations such as General Electric & Westinghouse.
In 1976, Pres. Gerald Ford authorized the Shah to buy & operate a plutonium extracting & processing facility-a big step toward converting energy processing to weapons making.
After the 1979 revolution, Ayatollah Khomeni reversed westernized policy, yet maintained Iran's nuclear interests.
Then comes the doozy...
A CIA operation code named "Merlin", enabled a Russian nuclear engineer paid by the CIA $5,000 per month, as well as the arrangment to become an american citizen, to deliver nuclear blueprints to the Iranian's. He was to pose as an unemployed & greedy scientist who was willing to sell his soul & the secrets of the atomic bomb to the highest bidder. The CIA told him to get the blueprints to the Iranian's. They would quckly recognize their value & rush them back to their superiors in Tehran.
The Russian was obviously apprehensive, so the CIA downplayed the operation, telling him that it was just an intelligence gathering effort, not an illegal attempt to give Iran the bomb. He was told the Iranians already possessed the technology he was to be handing over to them.
The truth was the CIA knew nothing about Iran's nuclear know how due to an earlier espionage disaster where info concerning all CIA operatives in Iran were leaked to Iran. As a result, many were arrested, & the rest either pulled out or are still missing.
The idea behing "Merlin" was to give Iranians flawed nuclear blueprints to set back their weapons program & help the CIA monitor the paths they took. But the Russian agent did not know this & was kept in the dark.
Upon reviewing the blueprints he immediatley noticed the flaw & decided to give the Iranians a note of his own pointing out the flaw. He thought he was doing the right thing in order to successfully carry out his mission. He thought the flaw was so obvious that the Iranians would smell a rat.
In fact, during a break from a meeting the CIA case officer took the CIA senior officer aside & said," He wasnt supposed to know that, he wasnt suppossed to find a flaw." The senior officer told him not to worry, that " It didnt matter."
After the trip, the CIA officer handed the Russian agent a sealed envelope with the blueprints inside. He was told not to open the envelope under any circumstances. Just to deliver it to the Iranians & get away quick, safe & alive. But the Russian agent had his own ideas. The CIA discovered that a high ranking Iranian official would be in Vienna, so they sent the Russian there. In Vienna, the Russian opened the envelope & included his personal letter to the Iranians. He felt if he didnt mention the flaws, the Iranians would never trust or deal with him again.
He dropped the envelope off at the P.M. of Iran's apartment building, slipping it through the door without having to talk to anyone. He flew back to the U.S. . Shortly after the Russian dropped off the envelope, the National Security Agency reported that an Iranian official in Vienna abruptly changed his schedule & flew back to Iran. So the blueprints were now in Iran.
What the CIA didnt know was that Iran already had workable blueprints from a Pakistani scientist & they were able to compare the designs obtained from the CIA. Nuclear experts say that they would have been able to extract valuable information from the blueprints while ignoring the flaws.
With blueprints in hand, the Iranian weapons program was further forwarded by exports of radioactive material from the U.K. which could be used as part of a nuclear weapons program. The London Observer reported that a truck carrying 1000kg of zirconium silicate from a British firm (zirconium metal can be extracted from the substance to be used to prevent fuel rods corroding in nuclear reactors & as part of a nuclear warhead) traveled unchecked from Britain through Germany & Romaina & continued to Tehran, Iran.

So fast forward to today. It seems almost inevitable now that the NeoCons will launch targeted military strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities. Will Israel go along? Well, former Israel P.M. Netanyahu has hinted he would consider a pre-emptive air strike against Iran's nuclear facilities if he were re-elected. And with Ariel Sharon now out of the picture, Netanyahu has a better chance to become P.M. of Israel. Then you got fundamentalist Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad firing back threats to wipe "Israel off the map", it seems hard not to see where all this is headed.
Then we got the members of The Project for a New American Century (Cheney, Jeb Bush, Dan Quayle, Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, etc,etc) calling not only for a war against Iraq in 2000, but calling for a follow up on Iran. The PNAC outlines a roadmap of conquest. It calls for the "direct imposition of U.S. forward bases" throughour Central Asia & the Middle East, with Iran topping that list. We also have the Pentagon's "New Map", a vision of endless war that will incorporate the "gap", the 3rd World States, into the "core" of globalized powers. The map begins with the domination & assimliation of the middle east "rogue states".
Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter has gone on record several times suggesting war with Iran is next on the agenda.
American Consrvative magazine reported that Dick Cheney had given the authorization for a military strike in Iran immediatley after the next terror attack in the U.S.
Newt Gingrich has called for a regime change in Iran.
Just recently the so-called P5-Britain, France, U.S., Russia, & China-have sent seperate notes to Iran in recent days over it's plans to resume research on nuclear fuel.
Condoleeza Rice has said it's a matter of time before Iran is referred to the council & Washington feels it has enough support for tough action.

Well folks, if this dosen't freak you out, you might want to feel yourself for a pulse. The United States goverment is in the works to go after Iran if they do not cease all forms of nuclear research. This could very well start a new World War. Who knows what weapons Iran has developed (thanks to the CIA), & if the U.S. attacks Iran, they will fight back with whatever is in their arsenal. They dont want to become the next Iraq.

We're being set up. We are being set up for the next World War with a nasty fight that could very well involve nuclear weapons. Bush The Destroyer is dragging us down a violent road we are not willing to go down- but that dosent matter. The 'Commander in Chief' feels he can do & get away with anything he wants. Bush has become the dictator he has always wanted to be. IMPEACH him before it's too late.