Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bush's Spreading Of Democracy Bites Him In The Ass!

This cartoon speaks volumes, it says " Bush Democracy Double Standard: Down with democracy, If the winner is Hamas!"
The Hamas victory in the Palestinian parliamentary elections was a dream come true for some, but for other's it was just the opposite, a nightmare.
The militant Islamic group's overwhelming win, with the final vote count showing Hamas winning 74 of the 132 seats in the Legislative Council, while Fatah won 45. Hammas, running for the very first time, seems to have de-throned the governing party of Fatah from power.
All over the Arab world, Washington seems to be getting the blame for "radicalizing" the Palestinians. According to an article from Lebanon's Al-Bayan newspaper, the United States is largely to blame for the radicalization & frustration of the Palestinian people, & the fact that they have used the ballot box to choose the alternative, least appealing to Washington, Hamas. Al-Bayan said, " Such is the price to pay for democracy when the Muslim masses will vote for any party that identifies itself with Islam benefits from the favorable opinion mobilization." It added, " It should be noted that the Western world, with the United States at it's head, is very much responsible for the radicalization of Palestinian public opinion."
Israel's acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said that peace talks were not possible "with a Palestinian administration if even part of it is an armed terrorist organization calling for the destruction of the state of Israel." Washington & the E.U. regard Hamas as a terrorist group & demand that it renounce violence & accept Israel's right to exist in return for offical contacts.
Iran has congratulated Hamas for it's election victory & praised voters for choosing "to continue the struggle & resistance against occupation." In a recent trip to Iran, Hamas political chief Khaled Meshaal said that his group would step up attacks against Israel if the Jewish state took military action against Iran over it's disputed nuclear program.

I'd have to agree with Al-Bayan and say that Washington is partly to blame for radicalizing the Palestinians, & driving them to vote for Hamas. I also find it rather humerous that Dumbya is trying to spread his 'democracy' all over the Arab world, yet failing miserably when the Arab people speak by VOTING for the most anti-Western group around. I don't think this is exactly what Georgie had in mind, but he only has himself to blame. I fear that Bush has bit off way more than he can chew. Invading Middle-East countries on lies, bombing many innocent citizens, & continuing to occupy Middle-East lands will only piss Arab's off. So don't act suprised when the Arab people take that anger & frustration right into the polling booth & vote for the most anti-American party out there! When you tease, poke, & prod a sleeping animal for too long, it loses it's patience-and BITES! And the fact that Iran is supporting the Hamas victory, & both are warning the U.S. & Israel, is quite freaky. I think that Bush may start WW3 before his pathetic term runs out!