Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Christian School Expels Female Student For Kissing Girl, Off Campus!!

This private Christian academy is actually defending it's right to expel a female student, Jessica Bradley, for kissing another girl off campus at a sleepover party with several other female students.
In court documents filed January 4th, attorneys for Covenant Christian Academy in Loganville say the school has a constitutional right to expel students for "sexual immorality".
Jessica Bradley filed a lawsuit, when the 9th grader was expelled from school last April. Bradley and her father filed a Gwinnett County Superior Court lawsuit in December, alleging invasion of privacy and breach of contract, seeking at least $ 1 million in damages.
A few days after the infamous sleepover (where were these kinds of sleepovers when I was in 9th grade?!:) ) Jessica and other girls were called into the principal's office. After being questioned for over an hour, she was expelled.
The school cited the school handbook when expelling Jessica. It states, " any behavior, on campus or away which indicates that a student has disregard for the spirit of the school standards, would be sufficient reason to ask for him/her to withdraw from Covenant Christian Academy."
This disgusts me. The 'sleepover' or 'kiss' were not on school campus, nor on school time--it is most definatley an invasion of privacy, and should be shot down. This is just the Christian schools way of getting rid of gay students, or anyone doing anthing remotley sexual. I hope Jessica Bradley ane her family sues the shit outta that school! More on this story at http://ajc.com