Monday, January 02, 2006

The Iraq Elections: Will The U.S. Get Their 'Puppet Goverment'?

An international team has agreed to review Iraq's parliamentary elections, a decision that was made because Sunni Arab & secular Shia groups have staged repeated protests all around Iraq , complaining of widespread fraud & intimidation.
Despite a UN observer's endorsement of the December 15th vote, the International Mission for Iraqi Elections will send a team of assessors to Iraq.
The UN observer, Craig Jenness, said that his team found the elections to be credible. His team helped the Iraqi election commission organize & oversee the poll, which gave the Shia religious bloc a big lead in preliminary returns. Sunni Arabs & secular Shias have rejected Jenness' findings, saying their concerns for political assassinations, among others, were not addressed.
Upon reading a few blogs written by Iraqi's in Iraq, I have found that the Iraqi's are disappointed, angry, and have lost hope in regards to the election results so far.
Dayez, from "Iraqi Rebel" said 5 days after the election: " Can somebody tell me what the hell just happened? I seriously feel that someone hit me hard in the head with an aluminum baseball bat." "How can it be?" "It just dosen't add up. It defies logic and reason. No way Iraqi's are such brainwashed fools." "What about the truckloads of ballots that entered from Iran? Where did they end up? How did they get ahold of the ballots? Who the hell is running the Independent Electoral Commission? Iraqis? Americans or Iranians?"
He added, " If this is democracy then I spit and shit on democracy. Congratulations everyone. I congratulate everyone who participated and cheerleaded this farce, including myself." "Now we are stuck with the mullahs for 4 FUCKING YEARS. Who knows what the hell would happen after that. We might as well do away with elections altogether and the Sayyid-may Allah bless him-would just give us his opinion instead of sheep going to vote under his direction."
The blog, "A Family in Baghdad", had this to say about the then upcoming elections: " A couple of days ago, some friends from a southern governorate in Iraq visited us and we talked extendedly about the current situation and our prediction for the coming election and the future. Unfortunately, I found them depressed and they dont see any hope in the approaching election. America will force whoever they want, so what is the use of voting? America came with it's army to take over the oil wells. Even if America withdraws half of their soldiers, it will keep military bases in Iraq...I laughed and said, Thank GOD that we all agree on understanding the objective and intentions of the American occupation in Iraq. They said, Um Raed, now everybody knows...I said again: Thank GOD, then we want something and America does not want to leave Iraq and it will keep dodge and dodge...but we are going to stop trying to push them to leave? Do we be negative and just watch? They said: Of course not, but we only hope for change after the coming goverment expires. This means after 4 years...I just laughed and said: I will vote in this election, and there will be a small hope that better leaders will come forward for the Iraqi's...
We all know that America will withdraq part of it's army and will keep part in their bases...It's partners will come in the second phase of occupation to invade Iraq's economy and gear it towards the desire and interest of American companies. We all know this movie and it's details. We saw it before...
But we want to live this experience to make armies and companies leave Iraq..
We want no short of a full independence..."

These are not stupid people. The United States goverment is continuously insulting the Iraqi people's intelligence by trying to pull the wool over their eye's, by teasing them & allowing them an election- when actually the U.S./Bush regime are setting up a puppet goverment that will not represent ordinary Iraqi's.
The U.S. tried, in many ways, to prevent elections in Iraq. Finally, they were compelled to accept the elections by a huge non-violent resistence. Bush and Blair had to agree to the elections, the following step was to subvert them.
Noam Chomsky made a great point, saying, " Elections mean you pay some attention to the will of the population. Well, the crucial question for an invading army is: 'Do they want us to be there?' '". We all know the answer to that. Of course they dont. The British Ministry of Defense had a poll a few months ago that was leaked to the British press, and it found that 82% of the Iraqi population wanted the coalition forces to leave. Only 1% of the population said that they were increasing security.
What the United States occupying powers are doing now in Iraq is familiar. We have a history of this in Central America. The U.S.-run state terrorist forces are the military, the civilians are the local forces, and the United States is in the background. If anything goes wrong, they move in. Just like the Japanese in South Korea, or the British in India.
The United States is setting up a puppet goverment in Iraq, and doing everything they can to prevent a sovereign, democratic Iraq. The reason being, and it has nothing to do with WMD's or terrorist threats, is that Iraq has huge oil resources that are mostly untapped. All of that is right smack in the middle of the main energy-producing region in the world. Taking control of Iraq will greatly strengthen the United States control over the major energy resources of the world. It will give the U.S. very critical leverage over our competitors, which are Asia & Europe. It also helped that Iraq was completely defenseless.
The U.S. wants Iraq to have independent states with weak goverments that have to rely on the imperial power for their survival.
The amazing thing is, the occupation of Iraq is failing miserably. Even though Iraq is a country that has been devastated by wars, was ran by an evil tyrant, and suffered a decade of murderous sanctions that killed hundreds of thousands of people, the U.S. military occupation can not get the country under control, nor can it get any support from outside the resistance. The U.S. occupation has not even been able to get the electricity working in Iraq!
The U.S. does not want an independent Iraq. The reason being, if in a Shi'ite majority, they would have a lot of influence in policy. The Shi'ites in the south, where most of the oil is, would probably prefer good relations with Iran over hostility with them. The Badr brigade mostly controls the south, and they were trained in Iran. The clerics have long lasting relations with Iran as well. They would probably move towards a Shi'ite alliance with Iraq & Iran. Also remember that across the border is Saudi Arabia, where there's a big Shi'ite population that's bitter about being oppressed by the U.S.-backed tyranny. So the Shi'ite alliance would end up controlling most of the world's oil, independent of the U.S. Then the U.S. would have to start to worry about them hooking up with the East, such as China. China is not afraid nor intimidated by the U.S. China is already establishing some relations with Iran, possibly Saudi Arabia-both economic, as well as military. This would be a total nightmare for Washington. So the U.S. will fight like hell, and never leave Iraq- in order to avoid or prevent that from ever happening.
Economically this is going on too. The U.S. keeps insisting on keeping Saddam Hussein's anti-labour laws, but the labour movement isn't going for it. The U.S came in & immediately tried to open up the economy to foreign takeover by imposing crazy, illegal laws for privatisation. Iraqi's do not want that. They want to take control of their own economy, and rightly so.
So the U.S. goverment/Bush administration had a so-called terrific plan in the works for a long time to achieve oil power in Iraq by invading them. What they needed to do was have a good excuse to do so. The Sept 11th attacks fell right into their laps, how conveinent huh? "Eureka", says Bush! They concoct the weapons of mass destruction bullshit lie, and hope America takes the bait. And like sheep to the slaughter, they do. But not all.... We will not be fooled.