Sunday, January 01, 2006

Pentagon Orders Soldiers To Promote Iraq War

The Pentagon has coordinated a program called "Operation Homefront". This operation orders military personnel to give interviews to their hometown newspapers, t.v. stations, & other media outlets & praise the American war effort in Iraq.
The intial reports back to the Pentagon show the operation a success with dozens of front page stories in newspapers around the country.
One military reservist gave his hometown paper an interview, & when pressed by the paper on whether or not his commanding officers told him to talk to the press, he admitted he was "encouraged" to do so.
Another reservist who asked not to be identified for obvious reasons said, " I've been promised an early release if I do a good job promoting the war."
In interviews with reservists home for the holidays, a pattern has emerged on the Pentagon's propaganda effort. Soldiers are encouraged to contact their local news media outlets to offer interviews about the war. The Pentagon has a detailed set of talking points for them, encouraging the soldiers to:
--Admit initial doubts about the war, but claim conversion to a belief in the American mission;

--Praise military leadership in Iraq & throw in a few words of support for the Bush administration;

--Talk about how " things are better" now in Iraq;

--Claim the mission to turn security of the country over to the Iraqi's is working;

--Reiterate that America must not abandon it's mission & must stay until the "job is finished"

"My worry is that we have the right military strategy and political strategies now but the patience of the American public is wearing thin", Captain David Diaz told the Roanoke Times.
"It's way better now (inIraq). People are friendlier.They seem more relaxed, and they say 'Thank you, mister'", Sgt. Christopher Desierto told his hometown paper, The Maui Times.
It seems that soldiers who are home, but don't have to return to Iraq, are singing a differernt tune. Sgt. Major Floyd Dubose said, " I've just been focused on trying to get the rest of my guys home."
Specialist Leonard Clark was demoted to private & fined $1,640 for posting anti-war statements on his blog. His last entry before his blog was shut down, told how his fellow soldiers were becoming increasingly opposed to the U.S. operation in Iraq.
One reservist home for the holidays said, " The message is clear, if you want to get out of this man's Army with an honorable (discharge) and full benefits you better not tell the truth about what is happening in-country."
Sgt. Johnathan Wilson, a reservist, has already recieved his honorable discharge after he returned home earlier this month, so he's not afraid to talk on the record. He said, " Iraq is a classic FUBAR. The country is out of control and we can't stop it. Anybody who tries to sell a good news story about the war is blowing it out his ass. We don't win and eventually we will leave the country in an worse shape than it was when we invaded."
I find it rather pathetic the Pentagon & U.S. goverment have to order U.S. soldiers to falsely tell a make-believe glory story to American media. You obviously know it's going bad when they have to result to these pathetic propaganda tactics. Some soldiers are even being "promised" early releases if they promote the war!
I salute the brave soldiers who have the balls to tell the American people the REAL Iraq war story. Those are the real heroes.