Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Actors Of 'Guantanamo' Movie Held At Airport

(if unable to read; area in pic reads, "Arabic:Not actually a color...but you're still screwed")

The actors who star in the movie, "The Road To Guantanamo", were held & questioned by police at Luton Airport in the U.K. under the 'anti-terrorism' legislation.

The men, who play British inmates at the detention camp, were returning from the Berlin Film Festival where the movie won a Silver Bear award.

The actor, Rizwan Ahmed, said that a police officer asked him if he intended to make any more "political" films.

Actor Farhad Harun was also questioned, along with Shafiq Rusul, & Rhuhel Ahmed, the men whose detention in Guantanamo is chronicled in the film.

Ahmed also alleges that he was verbally abused by a police officer & had his cell phone taken away from him for a while. The police told him that he could be held for up to 48 hours WITHOUT access to a lawyer.

He says that he was initially questioned at the airport's baggage pick-up, then taken to a seperate room when he demanded to know why.

Human rights organization Reprieve, who is speaking on Ahmed's behalf, called Thursday's incident an "ugly farce". They have called for an urgent inquiry into what happened. The film's producer, Melissa Parmenter, said the detention was outrageous.

Bedfordshire police say they will issue another statement concerning the allegations made by Ahmed & Reprieve.

'The Road To Guantanamo', directed by British film maker Michael Winterbottom, tells the story of the Tipton Three. The men from the West Midlands went to Pakistan to arrange a wedding & eventually found themselves at Guantanamo Bay's U.S. prison camp. They were picked up in Afghanistan & believed to be terrorist suspects & were eventually released from Guantanamo Bay in 2004 without charge.

These poor guys can't catch a break! First they are taken & held in Guantanamo Bay of all places, later to be released after the Oh-so-intelligent authorities figured out that they weren't terrorists, & now they can't even fly to another country to recieve an award without getting harrassed!

All that money this goverment, as well as the U.K.'s, swimming in & we still can't get adequate security & intelligence. All that time & resources spent harrassing these guys, meanwhile they ignore the thousands & thousands of passengers arriving & departing from the airport--any of which could be that real "terrorist" they claim to be so concerned about.