Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Are We Ready For A Woman President?: More Than Ever!

There's been alot of talk about Hillary Clinton or Condoleeza Rice (god forbid!) possibly running for the presidency in the near future, & with that comes the question, "Are we ready for a woman president?" My answer is, Yes, more than ever! And according to many recent polls (from both parties) around the country, the rest of the U.S. seems to think so as well!
I personally feel that today, more than ever, we need a woman president. Without trying to start a 'Battle of the Sexes', I will make my case for this...
Women, by nature, are more nurturing, honest, moral, compassionate, strong-willed, possess great problem solving skills, are compromising, & show interests in issues such as the enviroment, education, health care, the economy, Social Security, etc,etc-- while men possess large amounts of bravado that sometimes gets us into unecessary wars. I feel a woman has much better communication skills that would be very useful in wartime situations.
The argument against a woman president seems to be the fear of softness from a woman, & the fear that a woman wouldn't be powerful enough. I find that total bullshit, & a rather weak argument against the idea. It is a stereotype, not a fact. In this day & age, women are more 'powerful' than ever. I agree that women , by nature, are more apt to talk & compromise, rather than take the violent or harsh approach. But to me, that dosen't portray weakness, but rather show's intelligence. Women think before they act. Men on the other hand, well George W. Bush is a shining example of: bravado before intelligence, action before thought.
There was a study done at Ohio University, turned book, which asked 878 college students ages 18-22 to evaluate the competencies of fictional white, african american, & latino male & female candidates on such issues as the economy, education, health care, Social Security, & the enviroment. The participants rated all candidates as competent on these domestic issues, regardless of gender or race.
"These students represent the population that's going to be making these types of decisions. They're more likely to have the chance to vote for a female candidate for president, " Jerry Miller, who conducted the study with Ann Gordan, said.
Although all candidates were rated similarly competent on domestic issues, female african american candidates were considered better able to handle civil rights issues than all other candidates. And all female candidates were considered more honest, hard working, & moral than male candidates.
On foreign affairs, candidates were seen as equally competent, regardless of race or gender. That is, on all issues but one: commander in chief of the nation's military forces.
"Probably the single biggest obstacle to getting a woman elected president is the stereotype that a woman would not be an effective commander in chief," Gordan said. "The stereotypes normally associated with women candidates- honesty, caring, compassion--run counter to the stereotype we have of a commander in chief."
When asked if they felt a particular candidate was viable for the presidency, participant's responses were divided sharply along party lines by race & gender:
*White Male: 88.9% of Republicans; 84% of Democrats
*Black Male: 59.4% of Republicans; 84% of Democrats
*Latino Male: 49.5% of Republicans; 61.5% of Democrats
*White Female: 45.2% of Republican; 68.2% of Democrats
*Black Female: 47.6% of Republicans; 40% of Democrats
*Latina Female: 25.9% of Republicans; 40.7% of Democrats

The stereotype that a woman would not be an effective commander in chief of the military should be shattered. The right female candidate would be all the things women are, plus strong & powerful. Women can be very intimidating, especially when they possess an intelligent mind. Maybe a woman candidate that served in the military would shut the opponents up. But if a qualified female candidate ran, I would assume she served as a Senator before, or some other political post, & would know a thing or 2 about the military & how it operates.
A recent CBS News poll showed these results:
*Would you vote for a woman president is she were qualified?
Yes: 92%
No: 5%
*Is America ready for a woman president?
Yes: 55%
No: 38%

In a national Hearst Newspapers/Siena College poll: 62% of registered voters say the U.S. is ready for a female president in 2008. 81% said they would vote for a woman as president. 60% expect a woman to be on the Democratic ticket for president in 4 years.

On the Republican side, 42% of voters said Sect. of State Conid Rice should run, & 33% named N.Carolina Sen. Elizabeth Dole.

Bill Clinton, when asked, says his "gut" tells him the country is ready, as long as she was the right candidate. Former Senator Carol Moseley Braun (Il) said, " Women tend to be oriented to practical solutions and problem solving. If you want practical soultions that solve multiple problems, turn the job over to a woman. Women deserve a chance to lead."

The television show "Commander In Chief", staring Geena Davis as 45 yr old Mackenzie Allen, Independent Vice President of the U.S. She becomes president after President Bridges undergoes emergency brain surgery for a tumor & dies. She unites a grieving country, & quells her critics. She averted nuclear war with N.Korea by offering an apology to N.Korea for the U.S. spying with a submarine near it's shores, saving the sub, which was incapacitated in N.Korea territory by sending in rescue crew & avoiding war. Would a man president have apologized to N.Korea?? It raises the question: PERSONEL PRIDE, OR PEACE?

In such a critical time, a president that has peace on their mind, & the wellfair of their country's people as an importance, is needed & necessary. Countries, religions, & races are on edge, & ready for war. We need a president that thinks before they speak or acts, a president willing & able to learn, as well as respect, all countries, religions, & races, a president who is strong, honest, compassionate, & intelligent.

I truly believe that president is a woman. But the first woman president will not have it easy. Perfection will be demanded, I'm sure, & she will be picked apart for weakness. But there is no doubt in my mind, she will handle it, & handle it with greatness.

Here is a list of women presidents (1945-2005)

*Suhbaataryn Yanjmaa/Mongolia/Sep.1953-Jul. 1954

*Song Qingling(Sung Ch'ing-ling)/People's Rep.China/Oct.1968-Feb.1972

*Maria Estela(Isabel)Martinez de Peron/Argentina/Jul.1974-Mar.1976

*Lydia Gueiler Tejada/Boliva/Nov.1979-Jul.1980

*Vigdis Finnbogadottir/Iceland/Aug.1980-Aug.1996

*Maria Lea Pedini-Angelini/San Marino/April 1981-Oct 1981

*Agatha Barbara/Malta/Feb.1982-Feb.1987

*Gloriana Ranocchini/San Marino/Apr-Oct 1984 & Oct 1989-Ap.1990


*Ertha Pascal Trouillot/Haiti/Mar.1990-Feb.1991

*Sabine Bergmann-Pohl/German Dem. Republic/Apr.-Oct.1990

*Violeta Barrios de Chamorro/Nicaragua/Apr.1990-Jan.1997

*Mary Robinson/Ireland/Dec.1990-Sep.1997

*Edda Ceccoli/San Marino/Oct.1991-Apr.1992

*Patricia Busignani/San Marino/Apr.-Oct.1993

*Sylvie Kinigi/Burundi/Oct.1993-Feb.1994

*Chandrika Kumaratunga/Sri Lanka/Nov.1994-Nov.2005

*Ruth Perry/Liberia/Sep.1996-Aug.1997

*Rosalia Arteaga Serrano/Ecuador/Feb.1997

*Mary McAleese/Ireland/Nov.1997-current

*Janet Jagan/Guyana/Dec.1997-Aug.1999

*Ruth Dreifuss/Switzerland/Jan.-1999-Jan.2000

*Rosa Zafferani/San Marino/Apr.-Oct1999

*Vaira Vike-Freiberga/Latvia/June1999-2005

*Mireya Elisa Moscoso de Arias/Panama/Sep.1999-Sep.2004

*Tarja Kaarina Halonen/Finland/Mar.2000-current

*Maria Domenica Michelitti/San Marino/2000

*Maria Gloria Macapagal Arroyo/Phillippines/Jan.2001-present

*Magawati Sukarnopti/Indonesia/July.2001-Oct.2004

*Valeria Ciavatta/San Marino/Oct.2003-Apr.2004

*Nino Burdzhanadze/Georgia/Nov.2003-Jan.2004

*Fausta Simona Morganti/San Marino/Oct.2005

*Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf/Liberia/Jan.2006-present