Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bush, How Low Can You Go?

The latest CBS NEWS poll shows that President Dumbya's approval rating has fallen to an ALL TIME LOW of 34%, while people's negative feelings about the Iraq War rose to a new high.
Not only that, but 7 in 10 Americans, including 58% of Republicans, disagree with the Bush-backed deal giving Dubai-owned company operational control over 6 major U.S. ports.
In recent reports, it has now been revealed that the Coast Guard had concerns about the ports deal. This should be troubling, especially since our president assured the American public that there was no security risk from the deal.
The public opinion of Birdshot Cheney was even lower, just 18% said they had a favorable view of him, down from 23% in January.
HA! Only 34% of Americans approve of Bush?! Wow! My odds of winning in Vegas are higher than that!
George W. Bush= Pathetic excuse for a president
I have only one question?
Then why is he still residing in the White House???