Saturday, February 18, 2006

Goverment Concludes 'Mock Attacks' From Bloggers, Hackers, Activists

The U.S. goverment has concluded it's "Cyber Storm" wargame recently. This was the largest exercise ever to test how the goverment would respond to devastating attacks over the internet from anti-globalization activists, bloggers, & underground hackers.
The worldwide simulation challenged goverment officials & industry executives to respond to deliberate 'misinformation campaigns' & 'activist calls' by internet bloggers.
Experts depicted hackers who shut down electricity in 10 states, failures in vital systems for online banking & retail sales, infected disks mistakenly distributed by commercial software companies & critical flaws discovered in core internet technology.
Some mock attacks were aimed at causing a "significant cyber disruption" that could seriously damage energy, transportation & health care industries & undermine public confidence, said George Foresman, undersecretary at the Dept. of Homeland Security.
There was no impact on the real internet during the weeklong exercise. The attacks were simulated using only isolated computers, working from basement offices at the Secret Services headquarters in Washington.
More than 115 goverment agencies, companies, & organizations participated including, Justice Dept, Defense Dept, State Dept, CIA, National Security Agency, & the White House National Security Council.
The Dept. of Homeland Security has promised a full report on the exercise results by summer.

So, my fellow bloggers...
It looks as if the Bush administration is threatened by us! They might actually be, afraid of us! They're afraid we might as a group, attack the goverment using the internet as our weapon of choice, calling our blogs, "deliberate misinformation campaigns"! But that might well describe the actions taken by right-wing, Republicans as well! And when it said, "activist calls", well, that describes the actions by bloggers regardless of their political affiliation.
The goverment & the Bush administration feel that bloggers are terrorists, using their definition of terrorists. Using our blogs as instruments of dissent, criticism, & misinformation campaigns against them.
And as we all know well by now, if the United States goverment feels threatened, they take action. It's already starting...
***Last December, Microsoft shut down the website of a dissident Chinese blogger.
***Yahoo gave Beijing the name of a dissident Chinese journalist . He recieved 10 years in jail for his web postings.
***The CIA is quietly funding federal research into surveillance of internet chat rooms as part of an effort to indentify possible "terrorists".
***The U.S. goverment is developing a massive computer system that can collect huge amounts of data & link far-flung information from blogs & email to goverment records & intelligence reports, search for patterns of "terrorist activity".
***Indymedia was the subject of a secret, international terrorism investigation. The U.S. goverment seized it's hard drives.
***The CIA now has it's own bloggers & goverment website part of a revised CIA office for monitoring, translating, & analyzing public available information.
***The Bush administration has refused to turn over control of the internet to an international body, preferring to maintain unilateral control over the internet.
It appears that the Bush administration is planning on targeting the First Amendment by attempting to label bloggers as "terrorists", & by doing so they severely threaten our free speech rights. They will stop at nothing in an attempt to silence us. They will strip us of our rights, just to make sure the dissent dosen't spread. We are slowly being forced into a society much like the very one's this goverment despises. America will no longer be about Freedom, & we will forever be reminded that we can blame the "terrorists" for this.
The 'Police State' has started. This administration will see to it that any U.S. citizen can be wiretapped, searched, interrogated, spied upon, threatened, & even imprisoned--all without a warrant. Even after inhaling copius amounts of herb, I'm still reething about this!
Tell me, How the fuck is this right? Why the hell are we allowing this shit to start? Have the people of this country lost all balls? People need to get off their lazy, blindfolded, ignorant, apathetic, conforming, sheep-like asses & act already!
This is not right. Not in the name of 'National Security'. Not in the name of 'Fighting Terrorism'. Not at all.