Saturday, February 25, 2006


I usually don't do personal posts....but today has been one of those days! I'm so fucking frustrated I could pop! I really do have alot to post about today, including the whole South Dakota abortion BULLSHIT! And as soon as I chill out a bit, I will...Promise!
As a Veterinary Technician (nurse) I am totally used to stress & a very fast working pace, but today.....Today sucked! Saturday's are pretty busy at the animal hospital, & with only 3 nurses, well, let me re-phrase that...with 2 and 1/2 nurses (one was in La-La Land the majority of the day!) and 2 doctors, we can get slammed. In those times, most intelligent, good working nurses step it up. Not the 2 I worked with today. I cannot tell you how many x-rays I've taken--If I'm glowing with a hint of green, I'll know why! I have wrestled very nasty, stinky dogs all day. Dealt with crazy, mean cats. Obtained countless samples of blood & urine. Did practically ALL the evening treatments all by myself in about 45 minutes...meanwhile slacker nurse # 1 took literally a half hour to do ONE dog! She also took about 20 minutes to do a nail trim! In that 20 minutes I could have taken xrays, obtained blood, urine, and clipped the damn dogs nails! Oh, and I had anal glands shot at me! If you have ever smelled anal glands you know my pain! It is the smell that no other can match, & is the gift that keeps on giving because the smell is very hard to get rid of! So all day long I kept asking with paranoia, "Do I smell like anal glands?"
Then slacker nurse # 1 has the gall to say, " Man girl, you're in a bad mood today, huh?" To which I responded, "Ummm, no. I'm just frustrated that nobody else is busting their ass."
So then slacker nurse #2 bathes a dog & lets the poor thing sit in a cage practically swimming in it's own urine & feces! So back to the tub goes the dog...another 20-30 minutes totally wasted!
Tomorrow brings another shift with 2 other nurses that are practically the same as the 2 today! So If you hear on the news that a Veterinary Tech from California lost it & went postal on her staff, you'll know it's me!