Monday, February 27, 2006

How The Evil Bush Family Profits From The Patriot Act

There is a shitload of money being made with the increased spending for the so-called 'war on terrorism', & the Bush family is laughing all the way to the bank!
The Patriot Act is bad news for the privacy of American citizens, but good news for the Bush brothers.
In 1993 after the first Gulf War, Seymour M. Hersh penned a 'New Yorker' article that detailed how Marvin & Neil , George W.'s brothers, tried to exploit Kuwait's sense of gratitude toward the president to gain business advantages. It details how the brothers flew to Kuwait where Neil was involved with 2 privately held Houston oil equipment firms that tried to do business with the country. Neil also tried to convince the Kuwaiti's to allow him to share in the large management fees that Enron would be paid to operate power plants within the country, if the company's obtained a contract to do so.
Marvin sought contracts connected to an electronic security fence that was part of Kuwait's early warning defense system. Not only that, but he was looking to do business with the Ministry of Electricity & Water, as well.
Bush's Secretary of State James Baker, White House Chief of Staff John Sununu, & Army Lieutenant General Thomas Kelly, also sought Kuwaiti business for personal gain.
History & Groundwork:
In January of 1998, Marvin Bush was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc, headquartered in Florida. Del Monte is owned by the Abu- Ghazaleh family of Kuwait. A major Bush fundraiser, Stephen L. Way was also on the board. Way is also the Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer of HCC Insurance Holdings Inc., of Houston Texas. In 2000, Marvin Bush became a member of the Board of Directors of HCC. He then bought about $ 130,000 of HCC stock, which increased to about $ 600,000 within just a year.
When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, the Saudi's right next door felt threatened. After leaving office, George Bush senior became a consultant for the Carlyle Group, a Washington D.C. headquartered investment firm with billion in defense holdings. Both Saudi Prince Bandar & members of the Bin Laden family were investors in the Carlyle Group. George W. also had indirect business involvement with Salem Bin Laden, Osama's brother, in the 1970's with an oil company Bush created called Arbusto.
Trying To Hide The Truth:
After 9/11, Bush opposed the creation of a commission to investigate the attacks, he then reluctantly agreed. Later Bush tried to block the investigative body from doing it's job by stonewalling it on the evidence it was looking for. Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, the Carlyle Group returned the millions of dollars the Bin Laden's had invested, & asked them to end their business with the company.
Although it was legal for the Bush family to seek a fortune rebuilding Kuwait & investing with the Saudi's, a country where some of the airline hijackers were from, it is totally disgusting for the president, his people, & his family to seek a profit from his policies. They had hoped the public & American citizens would be shielded from knowing their black business dealings.
But the black dealings of the Bush family continue today. They are hoping the media stays away from this, & the American people keep their blinders on.
Don't be another tool for this Bush regime. Get your ass up, read up on what this president & goverment are doing to us & our country. Question authority, be your own person & think for yourself.
The Patriot Act Provides The 'Bling' For Bush Inc. :
The Patriot Act requires banks to process information on their customers so as to cull out suspected well-funded terrorists who might be laundering money. And to comply with the Patriot Act, banks must obtain computer systems, which other company's sell, that allow them to get to know their customers better. Which, in turn, allows the goverment to get to know YOU better. Alot better.
Follow me now, this is where Bush's brother comes in...
Marvin Bush is partner & co-founder of the Virginia based, Winston Partners, a private investment firm that is part of a larger venture capital entity called the Chatterjee Group, based in India. This larger firm consists of Winston Partners II LDC, headquartered in the Cayman Islands where many American firms locate to avoid U.S. taxes. And because Marvin looks out for his bro's, Florida Governer Jeb Bush is also an investor in the Winston Capital Fund.
The Chatterjee Group, including Winston Partners (Marvin's firm), owned in 2002, 5.5 million shares in the California company called Sybase Inc. (in 2003 it was valued at $ 18.20 a share) Sybase is one of the "most aggressive" companies in selling the necessary technology to help banks comply with Bush's Patriot Act. Business for Sybase is business for Bush, & the Patriot Act has boosted business!
Sybase also peddles alot to the goverment, with the federal procurement database listing it's total awards for 2001 at $ 14.7 million! This includes $ 2.9 million to the Navy, $ 1.8 million ot the Army, & $ 5.3 million to the Defense Dept. in 2001. Marvin Bush's Sybase also sold to the Agriculture Dept., Commerce, Treasury, & General Services Administration. Not to mention Amsec Corporation in Virginia, another Winston Partner's company that snagged Navy contracts worth $ 33.7 million in 2001!
Profit, Profit, Profit:
Life can be peachy when your brother controls the reins. It can also be peachy when your friend controls the reins, as with Vice Prez. Dick Cheney.
Fellow oil man & Bush buddy Cheney is still getting a check from his former employer Halliburton. Halliburton recieved a no-bid contract for work in Iraq worth billions, & has recently come under attack by Congress for overcharging the U.S. Army for gasoline.
Ahhh, a no-bid goverment contract bringing smiles to these crooks! Why is this no-bid agreement legal when vitrually every single goverment contract is required to be put out to bid??
In January 2003, an article written by Margie Burns, states that William H.T. Bush, President Bush senior's brother, is on the Board of Directors of a company that will "benefit substantially from the war with Iraq", according to financial analysts.

Now that we Americans are subject to goverment agents finding out what we read in libraries & who we associate with, it's nice that with a little research average Americans can find out who the Bush family associates with!

So see folks, the line "Everything happens for a reason" couldn't be more true. 9/11. The Iraq war. The Patriot Act. All make the Bush family filthy rich. At the expense of you, me, all the Iraqi's whose lives have been bombed into oblivion, all the U.S. soldiers sent to die for Bush profits, our privacy, the Consitution, & the overall image of the United States of America.