Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Is Your Local Media A Collaborator Of The Fascist Occupation? By, Mike from 'Ascent To Dissent'

Mike from 'Ascent To Dissent'http://ascent2dissent.blogspot.com has sent me a great post that I have the great pleasure of posting here at 'The Sappho Manifesto'. Enjoy!

Is Your Local Media A Collaborator Of The Fascist Occupation? By: Mike

As any Assent to Dissent reader is aware by now, as someone who works by day on the fringes of the mass media, I am a BIG FAN of the work of Media Matters for America. And in a perverse sense, I have to admire the PR feat the Neo-Cons have been able to pull off on America. The feat I submit is the myth of the liberal media.
Whether it is laziness, stupidity, ignorance or collaboration during the current fascist occupation of goverment, our mainstream media is anything but liberal, anything but progressive. By and large, they are operating as a tool for the Neo-Con agenda, and wherever it takes us.
I realize I'm selecting powerful, emotion-charged words, but I do so because empirical evidence continues to mount that democracy is dead, and the Bill of Rights is next.
With this context, I offer some recent examples, courtesy of Media Matters: Immediately after the Bush Junta adopted new rhetoric to describe it's warrantless domestic spying program, Fox News reporters and anchors began using the White House's terminology, " terrorist surveillance program". Beginning on January 25, Media Matters reports, Fox News began slipping the term, without qualification, into it's news reports and commentary.
King George first used the term "terrorist surveillance program" publicly in a January 23 speech at Kansas State University in which he defended his authorization of the National Security Agency (NSA) to intercept communications of U.S. residents without court warrants.
It's a hell of a spin, especially for a program that, as noted in December on 'Ascent to Dissent', has primarily targeted U.S. citizens with no conceivable ties to terrorism. According to the New York Times, FBI documents admit to surveillance of a "Vegan Community Project". Another FBI document describes the Catholic Workers Group as having "semi-communistic ideology".
Fox News was just the first media outlet to adopt the Bush Crime Family's spin. Soon after, the Washington Times editorial board replaced "domestic spying" with "terrorist surveillance program". And on February 9, the Associated Press adopted the term, "anti-terrorist surveillance program".
So, is your local newspaper or television station a collaborator of Bush's fascist occupation?
Gather some spot evidence for yourself. It's easy. Just follow this link to Google News (it will search for the phrase "terrorist surveillance program") and add your home city to the search wimdow. Given the context of the story (not in a quote; look for editorials and locally-generated stories), you'll see if your local media outlet has drank the kool-aid.http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&ned=us&ie=UTF-8&scoring=d&q=%22terrorist+surveillance+program%22&btnG=Search+News