Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Chavez Throws Bush The Oil Curveball

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez defended Iran's nuclear program today, saying that Washington's firm opposition to Tehran & the invasion of Iraq both resulted from America's insatiable thirst for oil.
Chavez said, " You know that one of the most serious problems the world has today is the energy problem, so much that the North American empire has invaded Iraq just to look for oil and now threatens Iran because of oil. It's an excuse by the empire, looking for energy."
He added, " I'm completely sure that it's absolutely false that the Iranian goverment is developing an atomic bomb. It's the United States that has atomic bombs."
Chavez's comments came on the heels of another speech he made Monday night where he warned that if US troops were to invade any Latin American country, "revolutionaries" from across the region would join forces to battle the Americans.
Dang! Boy dosen't hold back! I like that!