Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Chile Elects 1st Woman President

On March 11th, Michelle Bachelet, a Socialist, was inaugurated as Chile's first female president. Bachelet is a pediatrician & surgeon with studies in military strategy. She served as Health Minister & Defense Minister under President Ricardo Lagos. She is a single mother of 3 kids, & a self-described agnostic. I love her already!
Bachelet's father was a constitutional General under Allende, & died during his torture back when in 1973 there was a violent military takeover of the then Socialist President Allende.
What's even more amazing is Bachelet was taken prisoner then as well. Stories of how she used her medical training to organize & care for as many prisoners as she could are not only true, but heroic.
During the inauguration ceremony the camera spotlighted a variety of world leaders attending the ceremonies. Cheers broke out for Brazil's President Lula, newly elected Bolivian President Morales & Venezuelan's Chavez. When the camera focused on the official U.S. representative, Secretary of State Condi Rice, the crowd booed!
Congrats Chile! Now where's OUR Michelle Bachelet????