Sunday, March 19, 2006

V For Vendetta Review

This movie was amazing! All you fellow 'dissenters' have to go see it!
'V' is based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore. It follows the transformation of Evey (Natalie Portman) from an assistant at a goverment sanctioned t.v. station (yeah, like Faux News!) to political activist.
Evey heads outside one night after the goverment controlled curfew, cornered by undercover police/goverment agents who take advantage of her vulnerablity by nearly raping her, V, the mysterious masked man & all his crazy sword-wielding, saves Evey by completely annihilating the pigs.
V takes Evey to a rooftop where she's given a front row seat as V blows up the Old Bailey building in an act of defiance set up to trigger a reaction from London's people.
The destruction of the Old Bailey takes place on the anniversary of the day vigilante Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament in 1605. V vows that on the next anniversary of Guy Fawkes Day he will blow up Parliament. This begins his campaign to get London citizens into action against their totalitarian goverment.
The movie was delayed from it's scheduled Nov. 2005 release, some say to show respect for the London bombing victims, especially due to the last scene in the movie, which I will spare the spoiler for ya!
The movie is also getting flack for being "sympathetic to terrorists". But as some say, One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. And to me, V was a freedom fighter.
The movie touches on such issues as the right to free speech, religious freedom, terrorism, & homosexuality, the latter being a particularly touching part of the film that just about caused Sappho to shed a tear!
You will walk out of the theatre with chills, thinking about it's closly related subject matter to the current situation here in the U.S., & what it could become if left unchecked.
The goverment imposes curfews, sanctioned television, bans music, & bans the Koran ( see what happens to one character for owning one hidden in their house in a glass display case due to the rareness of it!).
You must see this film! You will not be disappointed! Viva la Revolution!

" People should not be afraid of their goverments, goverments should be afraid of their people." (V)

"Fear became the ultimate tool for this goverment." (V)