Tuesday, March 21, 2006

White House Pushes Schools To Drug Test Students


Students could be increasingly subjected to random drug testing under a new program promoted by the Bush administration. White House officials say drug testing is an effective way to keep students away from harmful substances like mary-j-wanna & crystal meth.

Some parents, educators, & school officials call it a heavy handed, ineffective way to discourage drug use that undermines trust & invades students rights.

Jennifer Kern, a research associate at the Drug Policy Alliance says, " Our money should be going toward educating young people, not putting them under these surveillance programs."

Requiring students to produce a urine sample or hair sample for lab testing is a relatively recent tactic in the United States' decades long "war on drugs", along with surveillance cameras & drug sniffing dogs in school hallways.

The Bush administration has spent $8 million to help schools pay for drug testing programs. The White House hopes to spend $15 million on drug testing grants in the next fiscal year.

White House officials liken drug testing to programs that screen for tuberculosis or other diseases, & said students who test positive will not face criminal charges.

Hahahahaha! Yeah, right! But I'm sure they will be kicked out of school. I can think of about a million other ways the White House can spend it's money. Can you?

A 2003 national survey of 76,000 students found no difference in drug use between schools that test students & those that don't.

Case rested.